Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle....

I love the night sky in Winter just as the setting sun disappears below the horizon. A hush falls on the surrounding landscape a special quietness, no bird song. It is time to settle down for the night, heads tucked tightly under wings, noses tucked under tails. There is the occassional rustle from the undergrowth as the night creatures begin to stir. The owl begins to call, the bats begin their nocturnal hunt for the moths that throw themselves mercilessly against the outside lights now lit in gardens to ward off the enveloping night.
The horizon is now a watery yellow band below soft pale blue interspersed with the earliest of the stars that appear as if by magic, in the blink of an eye. Then the planet, Venus is visible in all her splendour, a twinkling crystal of light, hypnotic in her beauty. Higher up, a deep rich midnight blue and then the velvety purple blackness. The temperature drops, the fire becomes more inviting, going out becomes a chore.
As the evening deepens, the moon, inside her cage of branches bides her time. When the hour comes, she will break free and sail forth into the open sky to begin her solitary journey across the heavens, her silver light illuminating the world below, casting strange lifeless shadows surreal and colourless.
Such beauty! Rarely seen as we sit by the fire, curtains drawn, candles lit. It is all unoticed as we write our lists of things to do in time for Christmas, begin crafting for family and friends, but it is out there, just the other side of the curtains, a peep away!

Dev X

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Mud, Mud, glorious MUD!!!!

I don't seem to have had anytime for blogging lately because, quite frankly, I am exhausted with the events of the past couple of weeks. Halloween was a case in point. The Thursday of that week we were at the school party, on Friday we went to the Rare Breeds Centre for their Spooky evening (check out their webpage and click on Halloween),which I have to say was fantastic and on the Saturday, we had 8 screaming witches for a party of our own. It absolutely poured down all day and most of the night...mud, pumpkins, mud, ghosts, mud, skeletons, mud....well you get the picture.

Then there was Bonfire Night. Isabel's school really pulled out the stops this year for a fabulous display of fireworks. Another wet night and lots more MUD! We in turn had our own fireworks party on Saturday night which my gallant man person had set up during the day hoping all would be well and you've guessed it...torrential rain all day and drizzle throughout the display. The sparks from the bonfire nearly set the neighbours on fire and more, MUD! I ask you where is all the rain coming from? I absolutely adore country living but I absolutely hate MUD!

Things have calmed down somewhat and I am now getting back to some serious crafting for Christmas. I have several works in progress but they are for 2 swaps that I am involved in and so must remain secret until the recipients have opened their packages and hopefully like what I have made for them.

The weather is now calmer but cold and crisp. As I drove home yesterday the moon was clearly visible through the branches of the trees that surround the house and this was 4.30 in the afternoon. My neighbour had a fire lit and the smell of the woodsmoke wafted over on the cold air. I love that smell.

As the night wore the moon appeared in a clear black velvety patch enabling me to take a picture.

Not a fantastic picture for such a beautiful object that shone down and illumnated the whole garden in it's soft, golden light.

And tonight, such a beautiful sunset, the sort we could have done with over the past couple of weeks!!

Dev X