Sunday, 19 July 2009

Poorly Person

I have been a poorly person this week which resulted in me having to take a couple of days off work. Mixed blessing really. One the one hand it was nice to lay under the duvet all day but was too ill to even pick up a hook or a book for that matter. The sickness bug has done a full round here at the Fairyglade, giving each of us a seperate dose just to keep things fair. However, all is better now and we are raring to go.

This weekend has been a bit of a catch up, and of course that means that my crochet has been top of the list.

Oh what joy! Single granny's...............

Piles of grannies.....................................

Mounds of grannies.............................................

Towering grannies........................................................

And finally, when divided into two sections, two cushions of grannies!!!

I can't describe how happy these little squares make me feel. I simply love looking at them, moving them around each other to see what goes with what, feeling the softness of the Rowan wool which is a dream to work with, if a little expensive....

With that in mind I have cleared out the littlest fairy's wardrobe and placed all her pretties on ebay. Don't be alarmed, I have left her one or two bits to wear, bless her.

(If you are interested my ID is Gretagrouch. On the home page, click on feedback forum at the bottom, enter my named ID and bob's your uncle!)

I have chosen some lovely Debbie Bliss wool for my swap partner, Alessandra over at Just Be Happy. Not sure how I will manage to stop myself eating the chocolate part of the swap now that I am feeling better. Two seperate bars of the yummy stuff have mysteriously disappeared in the last week..have you seen them? No one is owning up here, and a this rate she will be receiving the most expensive bar of Cadbury's in the known universe!!

Time for bed now, feeling very weary now Will leave you with another picture of my grannies...............

Dev X

Monday, 13 July 2009

Cushions, Clouds and Crochet

I forgot to take my camera to the village fete on Saturday which was a shame really. We are very traditional when it comes to the fete. There is bunting, a brass band, maypole dancing, tombola and tug of war to name but a few of the many attractions. It was a happy event and well supported despite the sky looking like this a couple of hours before hand!

I thought that I would show you the lovely goodies that I received from my swap partner, Maggie. I feel that my parcel definately fell a bit short, but in my defence, I felt so unwell most of the 2 weeks leading up to the deadline.

A lovely scarf and mittens, a beautiful scented knitted heart..I don't think I have seen a knitted heart before? A pretty blue bag which the little fairy commandered as soon as I unwrapped it as a storage place for her nintendo games. And the most gorgeous tea cosy. Many thanks Maggie.

Isn't that just the sweetest tea cosy you have ever seen?

For my part, these were two of the items I did manage to make myself. Nowhere near as fab as Maggie's items. I made this brooch from a chart on Julia's blog, I know that I didn't do it precisesly as per her instructions, but as you know, me and charts just don't get along! I still think that it is pretty though.

The past week or two has seen me rushing home to see what the postman has brought me. I mentioned in my last post that I had gone a bit mad on Ebay and Amazon and here are some of my purchases. Food for the soul...

And talking of the soul, my heart skips a little beat when I see these little squares of coloured magic. This will be the first cushion I am crocheting to make my wrought iron garden furniture a bit my comfy and bright. Only another 36 to go.

The mystery item mentioned in my last post will remain a mystery for a little while yet and the gorgeous afghan is on hold until I sell a kidney to fund the yarn to make them both.

Lastly, check out Alessandra's blog to take part in a yarn & chocolate swap. Yes, you did hear correcttly, I did say YARN & CHOCOLATE in the same there anything better! I am not sure when the closing date is, so get over there right now.

Dev X

Monday, 6 July 2009

Midday Sun

Am I the only one struggling with the intense heat, will I be shot down in flames for daring to say that I am not a sun worshipper? Don't get me wrong, a vivid blue sky and the warm sun on my back is one thing, but these scorching temperatures are proving too much for me. On the plus side, I have access to this on a daily basis and it is proving to be a godsend. Frankly, I don't know how we would have managed the past couple of weeks without it. Sheer bliss!

I have been unwell for a couple of weeks now. I have a terrible chesty cough that shows no sign of abating anytime soon. Why is it always worse at night and especially when you lay down and try to get some sleep? I have managed to complete the goodies for
Melanie's cosy swap despite feeling so awful and hope that my partner likes what I have made. I can't show you the pictures just yet.

So, here at the Fairyglade, projects progress, albeit at a slower pace and on really hot days, not at all. A friend from my craft group leant me this book from the 70's. Oh my, did we ever really dress like this...

Firstly, check out those nails, how awkward to work with!!!!!!!!!!!. So glad that they are not compulsary.

Any one for cocktails darling!

Anyone takers for the psychedelic ripple boots, form an orderly queue please! What a great way to use the ripple pattern, very fetching and just the thing for the weekly tesco's shop wouldn't you say?

I actually borrowed the book for a few new stitch ideas like this one.

I recently found a knitting chart for an afghan which I think is stunning. However, the instructions might as well be in Russian, knitting backwards and other jiggery pokery. I sometimes think that charts are a black art, either that or I am just thick. I have actually printed out reams of instructions on this method, and have glanced through it briefly, but am completely baffled.

Isn't it to die for?

Now comes the reason for the book. This pattern is slightly similar in that it creates large and small patterned waves which is what I like about the afghan. So my reasoning goes that if I use the recommended wool and crochet instead of knit, and use this chart, then in theory I should get something similar looking. What do you think?

I have this pretty thing underway at the moment, what is it going to be I hear you mumble? Well I am going to leave you in suspense for a while! I love the colours though.

I bought this magazine a while back, I was swayed by the cupcakes on the front and the gorgeous wool included in the pack and the purple metallic hook, etc, etc. The afore mentioned things are lovely and I have begun to create a culinary masterpiece, but it was almost the price of a craft book and there are only one or two projects that I feel are worth making. No, no, I hear you all cry in outrage, a bit of a let down I would say. That's the problem when you are easily swayed by gorgeous coloured things in little bags on the front of magazines. I am a retailers dream and fall for it everytime.

On the subject of books, I have gone a slightly mad on ebay and Amazon, but I am only human and have been out in the sun too long. At least that is what I tell the man person! I will share when they arrive, promise. I am also eagerly awaiting my swap goodies. In the meantime, it is the pool followed by the apple tree, followed by the pool and so on and so on......

Bye for now Dev X