Monday, 7 May 2012

Flip Flops

A little summer holiday is now in the process of being booked and to that end a pair of flip flops are essential for those strolls along the sand.  I have racked my brain, (that took all of a few seconds!) in an effort to remember where I saw this tutorial originally.  A marvellous idea I thought at the time and filed it away for future use should it become necessary.  Well that time is now but I cannot give the credit where it is rightfully due I'm afraid.  If anyone can refresh my memory as to where I saw this then please contact me and I will do so.

So I bought myself a cheap pair of basic flippy flops and crochet myself a long, long, long chain leaving a long length of thread at the beginning.

Before I began to wrap and glue in place, I threaded the long end of the wool through the holes underneath and wrapped them round and round the posts and then secured with a blob of Bostik glue.

I then wrapped and glued the chain along the top in small amounts as it can get very sticky indeed.  I did this up each side separately and then I could hide the ends under the central flower making it all neat and tidy.


I then crochet myself a couple of sets of flowers, a rose in the middle and two other flowers either side.  You can use any flowers you like and there are many books and tutorials to help you with that part.

Just glue them into place and voila, a pretty cute pair of happy, smiley face making flippity flops!!

Dev x