Sunday, 15 September 2013


 Something you don't hear everyday!!

My banana plant has a flower on it....Never thought I would say that!  We have had it for years and this is the first time it has flowered....wonder if we will get any bananas?


I have finally finished my hexagon quilt top.  Just need to quilt and bind it now.  I am a bit daunted at doing it all by hand, but not sure how it can be done on the sewing I zig-zag down each row? 

 How lovely it looks on the washing line this morning, each hexy like a precious coloured jewel.

Mind you that was this morning....and this is the scene at the Fairyglade this afternoon.  It is pouring with rain and soooooo chilly.  Hector Dog has the right idea and the best spot in the cottage. 
Does my nose look big in this???!!!!!

Dev x

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Mr Fox

Where has the summer gone I wonder, my thermometer is reading just 12 degrees right now and it is pouring with rain.  Mr Fairy has lit a fire these past couple of nights just to take the chill off and make it feel a bit more snuggly.

Has anyone seen this new magazine, the cover sold it to me straight away.  Isn't Mr Fox cute and I want to knit one right now.  Only problem is I don't have the wool in my stash.  I can feel a trip to the wool shop coming on, or in my case the internet shop as there isn't a decent wool shop around here for miles.  Has anyone actually started making him I wonder? 

He is rather red however, I will have to make him a brown fox I think. 
Have started some...dare I say the "C" word know the one I mean don't you.  Will show you soon.
Dev x

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Homegrown Sunday Lunch

There is nothing more rewarding than growing your own fruit and vegetables.  Nothing tastes quite like it...not to mention the freshness of it and the fact that it has cost you a fraction of the supermarket prices.  There is just no comparison.....
I steamed the marrow whilst cooking the potatoes and then seasoned with salt and pepper and grated some mature cheddar over the top.
 The chicken was the only shop bought thing on the plates.  I made my own gravy from the crispy juicy bits on the bottom of the pan and thickened it all up with a bit of cornflour.
 For pudding, I stewed some of our bramley apples with a bit of sugar and a few cloves.  Then made a crumble mix with self raising flower, butter and some soft brown sugar.  This was sprinkled over the apples and popped in the oven for around half an hour.  Served with a big dollop of thick double cream....yum yum!

On the crafting front I have been getting a few bits made up for Halloween as it is next in the seasonal calendar here at the Fairyglade.  I received some wonderful fabrics from my seriously lovely penfriend in the USA.  Thank you so much Marqueta I absolutely love them.

This piece is so cute that I wouldn't know where to cut into it so have decided that I might make it into a cushion front.

I haven't cross stitched in many moons even though it was one of the first crafts that I learnt.  I have dipped in now and agian over the years.  Due to blogging, my interest has been sparked again, having found so many fabulous blogs especially in USA.  I found this cute little freebie online.  Now as I type this I cannot remember where I found the chart and I also note from other blogs that I am supposed to tell you what I stitched it on and the thread count and colour etc.  On this matter I will just say that I used 14 count aida (which seems to be terribly frowned on nowadays) and an assortment of thread that I had in my stash.  I had the charm in my box.  I have made it into a small cushion and am now looking for a suitable basket to display it and a few others in the making.  Despite scouring the charity shops yesterday, I couldn't find a single basket anywhere! 

Hope you are all having a happy Sunday.
Dev x