Friday, 11 February 2011


Hello everyone, hope all is well with you. Well, what have we been up to here at the Fairyglade....well there has been a birthday, Littlest Fairy has reached the grand old age of 12, and boy is she growing up fast, (and ever so pretty in my opinion!!).

I took her a a small group of her friends to see the new Disney film "Tangled" which was so good, I really recommend it if you get a chance to go.

I have also completed this months "Make", although strictly speaking I actually started this cute little fellow back in December in a vain attempt to give it to LF as part of her xmas presents.

Unfortunately, because of one thing and another, I didn't get it finished in time. So with her birthday pending, I pulled out all the stops and here he is....Meet Stanley...isn't he the cutest?

He is completely hand stitched and I crocheted him a simple green scarf. The coat isn't my handiwork but fits him perfectly and is just right for the cold wet weather that we have been experiencing in our part of the world.

Is that not the cutest face you ever did see? I am really pleased with how he turned out and how simple the instructions were to follow. Oh, I almost forgot, he is fully jointed too. So what do you you like?