Sunday, 24 January 2010

Happy Birthday

Hello everyone, I trust that you have had a lovely weekend, I know that I have, despite the fact that I haven't been anywhere in particular. I have had one of those rare lazy sort of weekends, doing a bit of this and a bit of that. No rushing around, just pottering and sewing and reading and crocheting and planning new projects. Such fun, just like when the snow was laying deep and crisp and even, and believe it or not, on the high ground around these parts there are still banks of snow on the lanes and under the hedgerows, I kid you not, honest.
So what have I been up to I hear you ask, or maybe that's just the voices in my head...only kidding..(at least I hope so)! I was a birthday girl a few days ago and had money from the best Mum in the world, so bought yet more new, soft, scrumptious wool, and book vouchers from my bestest friend that paid for two new books. I love the smell of new books don't you? The pages are sort of glossy and shiny and the photography is gorgeous, you can almost reach out and touch the patterns.
Want to know you want to..............
Lovely designs and easy to follow instructions. And then I spotted this one as well.

Now, if you remember my last post, I showed you the gorgeous throw in the new "Art of Crochet" magazine, and you remember I said that it would cost the price of a small continent to collect the whole series. Well this little book was £9.99 and is full to the brim of gorgeous patterns and designs. So, with a rainy day Saturday, some gorgeous new, soft wool (remember the best Mum in the world) and this little book, I had an epiphany...yes I did! I didn't need to sell a kidney, I could use these lovely patterns to make up my own squares..... So here for your delectation...........

Want to see a few more...of course you do..................................!!

Are you starting to get the picture? Can you visualise these gogeous woolly squares as a finished blanket? I know that I can. I am imagining, dark stormy nights, lashing rain, howling winds, but will I be cold, absolutely not. And then in the summer, spread beneath the apple tree for me to sit on and look...well....summery I suppose. What about as a comforter for, say the littlest fairy, when she is feeling a bit poorly and wants to lay on the sofa and just snuggle. Oh yes indeedy, I can imagine this blanket being used for a multitude of usefullness. (I made that up, sounds grand doesn't it)?

Finally, there are these little girls, sitting there looking very pretty and spring like. The pattern arrived on Friday and I can't stop looking at them. I want to make them, and I want to make them now! I don't have the details to hand, but will find them and post the link another time soon.

What do you think, aren't they adorable? Don't you just want a set too?

It has been a very nice birthday all in all!

Dev Xx

P.S. I am almost afraid to say this, so I am going to say it very goes.....Does anyone think the new series of Larkrise is just a teeny weeny little bit less exciting than previous ones? It is still, by far, the best thing on the TV at the moment, but I keep waiting for something to happen. I know, I know, such sacrilege, maybe I should just go and lay down in a dark room until I come to my senses! Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S. How do I move that Shabbyblogs logo from the header of each post. It is driving me mad. I note some bloggers have positioned it on the top left of their page where it doesn't obscure the title of the post. HELP ME someone!!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

How's Things?

Look at that sky, is there anything more beautiful than that blueness? Is that a proper word do you think...blueness.?

So how is everybody, has the snow gone where you are? We are virtually clear now, although there are some stubborn patches that refuse to melt on the higher ground and beneath the hedges that get the least sun.

There was a brief spell of warmth on Sunday which has been overtaken by fog and mist and dampness and cold. But Sunday morning you could have almost convinced yourself that it was spring. The light was very harsh though casting strange long shadows and making us squint, but the sun had a little warmth in the shelter of the gazebo. Warm enough to take a few photos and have a cup of coffee outdoors, albeit with a woolly wrap

A few brave plants have lifted their weary head and turned towards the sunlight, but mostly they sleep on, biding their time..waiting........

Everything is just waiting...............

I have struggled a little to get back on track with my crafting after the mammoth efforts that I made before Christmas. I have run out of wool in some of my favourite colours, there are knitting patterns that I want to do, but can't understand some of the instruction, which is frustrating to say the least. I want to start another patchwork, but already have 2 unfinished projects peeping out from my craft cupboard. What about you ladies, how many unfinshed projects do you have lurking in bags and cupboards?
My last post was a plea for help in finding a copy of the new Art of Crochet magazine and you did not disappoint me. I am now in possession of said magazine and the crochet throw is more gorgeous than I first thought.
However, 120 issues at £2.99 a piece, adds up to a hefty outlay and sadly, I am not sure that I can justify such a sum. It would buy an awful lot of other more essential but less cheering things don't you think? Besides which, as was the problem with the first episode, I have yet to see it on the shelves of any of my local shops and supermarkets. Has anyone else seen it anywhere? Very illusive!
I decided to have a go at the first square, just to see...I made a mistake somewhere (as per usual) and had to pull it out again, but all is good now and I like it very much.


If you look closely you can see that the pattern is wrong and doesn't flow properly.

I now have a mind to make up my own squares using a book of crochet stitches to devise my own squares. Watch this space...........
I also thought that I would give the hexagon a go, it has been on my "to do list" for quite a while now. What do you you like?. I seem to lean towards the pinks and purples but think in the case of the throw, I will try and make it as colourful as the one in the picture.

I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head, but it is a confidence thing.. can I make it, will people like I clever enough? I need to stretch myself a bit I think.

So girls, what are you up to at the moment, what new projects have you started and what projects have you dug out of the cupboards to finish off?
Dev X

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Hi there, just a quick plea to all my fellow bloggers out there. I did an edit on my previous post, but lots of you who have already popped by may not have seen it.

Can anyone out there help me obtain the first edition of the new magazine The Art of Crochet? I have scoured every shop and supermarket in my local area, and phoned several stores further afield trying to obtain a copy of this elusive mag. Most of them claim that they haven't received supplies of it at all.

I don't know if the weather has had any bearing on matters, but it seems that it has passed Kent by altogether!

I would be very grateful if anyone can help me. Maybe you have a copy that you don't want anymore or you know a little newsagents with a few copies remaining. I am not bothered about the free gifts necessarily, I would just like the details of that fab blanket that is featured in the advert and the beanie hat pattern. I will of course reimburse all the costs involved.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that one of you wonderful ladies may be able to help me in my quest. Thank you.

Dev x

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Big Freeze

We continue to shiver here at the Fairyglade due to the fact that our heating is not what it should be and we can only actually heat one room at present. It is mighty uncomfortable to say the least and we have taken to wearing thick jumpers and woolly bedsocks 24/7.

I have rung family and friends to make sure all is well and that they are warm and have enough food to be going on with. It is a mixed blessing really. One the one hand I love the stuff, I could sit and watch it fall from the sky all day. On the other hand, we are cold, particularly at night and the drive to work is fraught with danger, especially on the side roads.
I'm beginning to feel how he looks!!

(Elmer our resident gargoyle)

The lane is like a skating rink. Ice hidden under fresh snow makes for a treacherous combination and not one to be underestimated. Absolutely lethal. I am amazed at the amount of vehicles that have tried to drive up the hill outside our cottage.

The littlest fairy and friend had a lovely time playing in it all though. The picture doesn't really show the steepness of the hill..but take it from me...its STEEP.

This is one of our many log piles scattered here and there in the garden. Luckily we also have a log shed that keeps some in the dry too. It is hard work for man person keeping us warm.

It has been nice though, just staying inside, in the warm and reading and crocheting and catching up on films and such. Do you want to see a finished project, one that has been worth it's weight in gold under the present circumstances...well I am going to show you whether you like it or not.

Remember this???

Well it is now finished and looks like this..

It is as warm and snug as only a pure wool blanket can be and much fought over by the littlest one and myself. I have loved every minute of making this blanket in all it's hooky glory. What do you all think? Do you like it?

I couldn't end without showing you my xmas goodies. I may have mentioned the CK bag that I have coveted for ages and ages and ages, well here it is courtesy of my wonderful Mum who gave me a wad of cash for Christmas...ta very much ma! Little fairy and a friend bought me the lotions and potions which smell divinely of summer roses.

On that note, I will say goodnight as it is nearly my bedtime. Fingers crossed for a snowless night, though there is more forecast.

Take care all of you and keep warm and cosy.
Dev x
EDIT: Has anyone managed to get hold of a copy of the new crochet magazine that has been advertised on tv recently. I think it's called The Art of Crochet? I have looked everywhere and can't find it?
EDIT again: I have since been told by a collegue who made some enquiries that the first edition has now sold out around these parts, how can that be? So if there is anyone out there who is able to locate a copy for me and would be prepared to buy it and post it to me I would be ever so grateful. I can send you a cheque or pay through paypal if it is easier. Pretty, pretty please.

Saturday, 2 January 2010


It is absolutely freezing here today, not sure of the general temperature but it is easily below zero. We are all snug by the fire as it's far too cold to even stick our noses outside. We had lovely snow fall yesterday and more forecast today.

Everything is coated in a thick layer of frost and we have fed the all the animals a bit more food. I hate seeing the wild birds pecking at the frozen ground and finding nothing to eat. The squirrels are much in evidence too, as they come down and literally chew the fat balls of the branches that we hang them on!

The thought of going back to work on Monday is too much to contemplate, especially if it stays as cold as this!

We had a lovely Christmas and Santa was very generous. I received my longed for CK bag, something I have coveted for ages and ages. More about that in another post though. For now it is about staying warm by the fire with some crochet and my Christmas books to hand as a diversion now and again.

It just remains for me to wish you a belated Happy New Year. Take care and keep warm!

Dev x