Sunday, 24 January 2010

Happy Birthday

Hello everyone, I trust that you have had a lovely weekend, I know that I have, despite the fact that I haven't been anywhere in particular. I have had one of those rare lazy sort of weekends, doing a bit of this and a bit of that. No rushing around, just pottering and sewing and reading and crocheting and planning new projects. Such fun, just like when the snow was laying deep and crisp and even, and believe it or not, on the high ground around these parts there are still banks of snow on the lanes and under the hedgerows, I kid you not, honest.
So what have I been up to I hear you ask, or maybe that's just the voices in my head...only kidding..(at least I hope so)! I was a birthday girl a few days ago and had money from the best Mum in the world, so bought yet more new, soft, scrumptious wool, and book vouchers from my bestest friend that paid for two new books. I love the smell of new books don't you? The pages are sort of glossy and shiny and the photography is gorgeous, you can almost reach out and touch the patterns.
Want to know you want to..............
Lovely designs and easy to follow instructions. And then I spotted this one as well.

Now, if you remember my last post, I showed you the gorgeous throw in the new "Art of Crochet" magazine, and you remember I said that it would cost the price of a small continent to collect the whole series. Well this little book was £9.99 and is full to the brim of gorgeous patterns and designs. So, with a rainy day Saturday, some gorgeous new, soft wool (remember the best Mum in the world) and this little book, I had an epiphany...yes I did! I didn't need to sell a kidney, I could use these lovely patterns to make up my own squares..... So here for your delectation...........

Want to see a few more...of course you do..................................!!

Are you starting to get the picture? Can you visualise these gogeous woolly squares as a finished blanket? I know that I can. I am imagining, dark stormy nights, lashing rain, howling winds, but will I be cold, absolutely not. And then in the summer, spread beneath the apple tree for me to sit on and look...well....summery I suppose. What about as a comforter for, say the littlest fairy, when she is feeling a bit poorly and wants to lay on the sofa and just snuggle. Oh yes indeedy, I can imagine this blanket being used for a multitude of usefullness. (I made that up, sounds grand doesn't it)?

Finally, there are these little girls, sitting there looking very pretty and spring like. The pattern arrived on Friday and I can't stop looking at them. I want to make them, and I want to make them now! I don't have the details to hand, but will find them and post the link another time soon.

What do you think, aren't they adorable? Don't you just want a set too?

It has been a very nice birthday all in all!

Dev Xx

P.S. I am almost afraid to say this, so I am going to say it very goes.....Does anyone think the new series of Larkrise is just a teeny weeny little bit less exciting than previous ones? It is still, by far, the best thing on the TV at the moment, but I keep waiting for something to happen. I know, I know, such sacrilege, maybe I should just go and lay down in a dark room until I come to my senses! Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S. How do I move that Shabbyblogs logo from the header of each post. It is driving me mad. I note some bloggers have positioned it on the top left of their page where it doesn't obscure the title of the post. HELP ME someone!!


marigold jam said...

Sorry can't help with the shabbyblog question. Re Larkrise - I think it is not as good as the original. Bears little resemblance to the book either. But this always seems to happen to popular programmes they probably run out of good ideas for the next lot?! Like you though I continue to enjoy it.

Love the crochet squares and YES I would love a set of those delightful hens.

Belated birthday greetings to you.


marigold jam said...

PS I noticed snow on the hills around Bradford on Avon last week when I went on the train to Bath.

Lavender hearts said...

Hi Dev, sorry I didn't reply to your mail. I had a look at the template and I'm not sure why it hasn't worked. I have the 2 column minima template so I wonder if it's because you have a wider template (mine is much more narrow and fits the shabby blog background better). Have you tried these backgrounds (need to find a 2-column background, most seem to be 3-column)?

Sorry I can't be more help!

Sian x

Lavender hearts said...

OOps, here's the link:

Libby said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! You received some wonderful goodies. And yes, I love the smell of new books. (My mom was a librarian for over 30 years so we're all a bit hooked in my family.) Your squares are just gorgeous and I love how you're putting your stitch book to good use!

p.s. I don't have to make those 2 other baby blankets after all. The lady who wanted them found out her cousins were already making the blankets for the twins. After I finish this current scarf then perhaps I can move on to some lacier projects or other blankets just because. :-)

Bobo Bun said...

Happy Belated Birthday wishes.

Always lovely to find some great crafty books to dip into and get inspired all over again.

I'm addicted to Louisa Harding wool at the moment as it's so soft. Her patterns use quite a bit of lacework if that's your thing.

Have a great week.

Lisa x

Julia said...

Hello Dev

I love the squares you have crocheted, I think they are going to become a rather beautiful and fabulously textured blanket - my sister bought the same magazine and thought the same as you (the cost of it being rather alot) and has invested in a book too, and has the crochet bug well and truly!
The hens are fabulous!! Are they knitted?? Id love to do something similar in crochet but alas I have started ANOTHER BLANKET! (haha!)

Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my post, sorry to hear the naughty fox ate your chickens though! The art work will be available as a print from next week, and you will be able to find it on my website, on the prints page if you are interested!

Much love

(ps - yes, Larkrise is indeed a bit slow, whatever happened to the dashing chap Dorcas was with last series, now he'd inject a much needed dose of ooomph back into things!!)

Tabiboo said...

'Oh' Dev,

Happy belated birthday wishes.

Those books look gorgeous and the crochet one is very interesting.

Can't wait to see what you make.

take care,

Nina xx

Karin said...

I love your blog. Especially the colourful crochet part!
I'm a new follower.

About the bloglayout:
You have to start with the template Minima (the white one) and then follow the Shabby Blogs installation instructions.
That's all I know....

I will be back te see more of your beautiful squares!


Karin said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Translation is available in the sidebar. Select your favourite language....and words will be understandable...

About the butterfly:
The instructions are in Dutch. That's fine for me, unfortunately not for you.

Maybe some day I'll attempt to translate it in English.

Have a very nice day!


Libby said...

You know, I hardly make anything for myself. Must work on that. However, I do love wearing other people's handmades. The only problem sometime is when people ask if I made this or that, I almost always have to say no.

Alexandra Mason said...

I love your crochet that is going to be a beautiful blanket and those hens are wonderful xx

Karin said...

I did some research.
The template you are using is "thisaway rose". Change it into "minima" and the Shabby Blog layout will fit.
It's a condition if you want to decorate your blog with Shabby Blog layouts.
Do you understand? It's hard for me to explain in English.
Wish you lots of succes!

Anonymous said...

Love the chooks!

紅豆 said...

當一個人內心能容納兩樣相互衝突的東西,這個人便開始變得有價值了。 ..................................................

The Fairy Glade said...

So sweet, I just wish that I could read Japanese, or maybe it is Chinese?? Many thanks anyway. Devx

Julia said...

hello Dev

Its going to probably take me a long time to crochet this blanket...and already Im afraid been seduced by a ripple blanket, in soft rainbow shades...oh dear, no hope for me at all!

The squares are join-as-you-go. a lovely method, makes you feel like you're really making something other than a little heap of squares!!

Hope you are getting on ok with you little flower charms, a smashing idea that!

Love Julia x x x

Lavender hearts said...

Hi Dev,

Re template from the dashboard yu need to go to 'settings', 'layout', 'choose new template' and then select the minima template (first option). Should work perfectly then.

Hope that helps.

Sian x

pinkfairygran said...

Hello Dev,

Just to say I am having a knitting-themed giveaway on my Three R's blog to celebrate 100 posts, if you are interested? I love the hens, where did you get the pattern please, 'cos yes, I would love a set!

sparklybubble said...

Hi, Just popping by to let you know I'm passing a blog award on to you. See my lastest post to pick it up xxx