Monday, 1 February 2010

Deja Vu!

Well, I came home from work on Friday afternoon, sat down with a coffee, looked out of the window and guess what I saw..........

It was heavy and thick and laying rather rapidly, just for a brief 5 minutes and then it was gone again! However, Saturday morning at around 7 am I opened the curtains and...well....there it was again!!

Nowhere near as bad as last week, but there all the same, crisp and white and very,very pretty. All rather odd really, and all rather gone again!

So what's a girl to do when the weather presents itself like this yet again..? Yep you've guessed it....crochet, crochet and more crochet. I have foolishly decided to make party gifts for Littlest Fairy's forthcoming birthday. Instead of the usual party bags full of expensive nothingness, (she is past the stage of a balloon, a plastic something or other and enough sweets to have them all bouncing off the ceiling), I had my second epiphany in as many weeks. I know...why not make something for each of them, something small and cute and woolly...mmmm! (Lots of exclamation marks in this post)! See I told you.
So my current WIP are these little pretties.

Above is stage one. Stage two involves a butterfly and stage three might be a ladybird. I haven't decided . I'm not going to give the game away just yet, I am going to let you wonder for a few days, let you ponder what they might be when finished..mmmm any idea yet? There isn't much to go on I know.

Another project still in the planning stage involves chickens and wool and Debbie Bliss bargains. Remember this pattern that I posted about?

Aren't they cute and designed by a very clever lady called Susan B Anderson who also happens to have a lovely blog . She also designs and lists her projects on Ravelry. I had to get the pattern from America from here. With postage it cost me $11 in total.

The next thing was to source some lovely cotton wool and in that I was rather lucky. I was reading Nina's lovely blog and there it was, her stash of gogeous new Debbie Bliss cotton yarn in the most scrumptious colours. So what's a person to do...I followed her link and bought myself a stash too. Sweet spring colours, lime green, soft primrose, pale pink. I think I might make the stripey one first.

I think these were reduced from £3.99 to £1.99. Bargain!!! Go and have a look for yourselves, there are some fantastic savings. I still have to get some circular needles before I can get started, but have spent my quota this month.

Anyway, for now I have a butterfly chart to master, so must dash.

Dev xxx

p.s. Saw Avatar on Saturday night, loved it!!


Libby said...

Oh, the girls are going to love those! Are you making them pins? Everything you've picked out sounds and looks so yummy, including the yarn. I've never seen Debbie Bliss yarn in person. Is it super soft? One other qs: Why was a pattern $11? It was not emailed?

VintageVicki said...

I'd guess brooches for the party bags too??

BTW I've been slack - I got my little bird - thankyou - she is gorgeous :)

Vicki xx

pinkfairygran said...

The wool looks gorgeous, but as the chicks are done on circular needles, I shan't be getting the pattern... though I am sure there must be someone on the knitting forum I belong to (not Ravelry, I fail to see the attraction in that one so left a while ago) who could adapt it to use two needles. And love the handmade gifts too, great idea especially for little girls.

Tabiboo said...

All the snow is gone now and the grey has returned 'yuk!!' at least it's a tad warmer today - no dragons breath!!

The yarn is gorgeous isn't it?? And I love the colours you chose.

Good luck with the party bag makes - I'm nearly done, just one more thing and then hopefully............!!

take care,

Nina xxxxxxx

missliz said...

Oh what lovely projects! And I love the chickens!! I may have to check out that pattern. Can't wait to see those butterflies. I will be back soon! Liz

A Country Girl said...

Great idea for the dreaded party bags! Makes a lovely change from plastic tat.
I love those knitted chickens.
Off to check out that bargain wool now!

Alexandra Mason said...

Can't wait to see what you make, and i love the colour of your wool! xx

Kimbles said...

Just found your blog and I looove the chickens!! must have, must have!!!!! bet you cant wait to start making them. **Kim**

Vista Gal said...

I love the little flowered pillows. Did you make the pattern up? I would love to know how to make this!! They are so sweet!