Thursday, 28 May 2009

Busy, Busy Part 2

I have just realised how long it has been since I last posted and wondering where the time has gone. I haven't been anywhere in particular, I haven't been invaded by guests, the time just seems to have passed me by without me realising it.

I haven't been idle though. I mentioned in my last post that I have been asked to provide some crocheted goodies for a friend's coffee morning which is fast approaching..well in fact it is hurtling towards me aaargggh! This coming Saturday to be precise.

So what have I been making?....mmmm....well let's see shall we....

Brooches...pretty brooches
Gorgeous garlands......

Delicious dishcloths.......

fancy face cloths.....

Handbag charms...

Finally, scissor charms......

So, I guess all in all, I have put my time to good use haven't I?

In between times, I have been to the cinema to see Coraline in 3D which was amazing. Star Trek which is a must for all trekkie fans, and last night the littlest fairy and I watched Twilight together on DVD. Full of teenage angst, pouting lips and piercing stares. Great stuff!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Busy, Busy busy!

Hi there, and what a productive week it has been here at the Fairyglade. I have been busy, busy with more crochet and trying to decide what my next project might be?

The ripple is always going to be one of my favourites I think. This is my second cushion front. I still haven't decided about the backing yet, mainly because I don't have a jumper to felt and can't seem to find one in the charity shops in the right colour. It goes without saying that it has to be a shade of pink or possibly lilac.

I have also been playing with flowers and have been asked to make some things for a church coffee morning. I have one or two ideas in the pipeline and have a germ of an idea to maybe open an online shop one day. It is hard to commit at present because I am a bit lazy sometimes and I wouldn't want to let people down. I tend to craft when I feel like it and possible deadlines always make me nervous. Then of course I have make things that people want to buy in the first place....mmm...then there is the dilemma over prices/ postage and packing etc...we shall see.

These flowers actually look rather good up against the ripple don't you think? I wasn't sure to start with as I thought it might make it a bit busy, but now I am not so sure, I rather like them. What do you think...too much or too gorgeous!?

I like the idea of adding beads and baubles to make pretty brooches.

I can also feel another garland coming on................. yippee!

Bye for now. Dev X