Sunday, 20 September 2009

Crafty Weekend

Here at the Fairyglade we have had the best weekend, the kind where there is nothing pressing to do (if you ignore the ironing basket), nowhere in particular to go and no one of any importance about to descend on us for sunday lunch and all that entails, ie hoovering, dusting and the ironing basket! We have pottered and mooched about and read books and crafted and crafted and ....well....crafted some more.
I made myself a crochet roll because I am always loosing my hooks. It's a bit wobbly along the bottom but I don't mind. I used a different pattern than the the one I used for the stanley roll and found it much more fiddly.

Then I managed to get hold of a fleece blanket to finally make up a couple of cushion covers with my gorgeous, soft, snuggly crochet squares..what do you think?

They are now sat on the sofa in my garden room for all to see. I absolutely love them. They are just so bright and jolly and they really cheer me up when I enter the room.

There has been some christmas sewing too, but as some of the things are for presents, I can't show you any photos.

All in all, it has been a very productive two days.

Devina x

Monday, 14 September 2009

Quilts Galore

The weekend saw me in a tiny hamlet of houses not far from our village at their Quilt Festival. It is held in the church of St Laurence every three years. The words stunning, beautiful, inspiring, breath taking, vibrant all spring to mind as I review the photographs. I am truly in awe of the women who can produce such wonders! This was one of my favourites, though there were so many to drool over.

This is a stunning version of the Cathedral Window and was draped over the choir stalls. I love this design but have never tried it, but would love to have a go.

The angle of these was a bit awkward to photograph as they had been suspended from the beams in the church roof. This quilt was entitled "Freya's Quilt" and the one below is Xander's Quilt. Both are grandchildren of the main organiser of the event. She is a prolific quilter and craftswomen, and hold classes at her house. Sadly, although I would love to attend these lessons, they are held during the working day...deep sigh! Maybe one day when I am retired!

I loved these little girly quilts, as did the littlest fairy.

A gorgeous nursery rhyme quilt and one for a first cute!

I particularly loved this one as well, made from satin, silk and old fashioned lace and part of the makers wedding dress. I love the crazy patchwork style of the squares.

Just so many beautiful quilts....... a pity it is a triennial event!

So, what else did I get up to this weekend...well I finished a couple of projects myself, not on the same scale I have to admit, but I am pleased with them all the same.

This Stanley fabric from CK is just so darn cute, don't you think? I made this pretty crochet roll and needlecase

Both these items are available in my shop.

Back to the ripple tomorrow me thinks, has been a while since I got all hooky.

Dev x

Thursday, 10 September 2009


A chance conversation at my monthly craft meeting resulted in a gorgeous bag of vintage tablecloths, runners, cushions and napkins making the journey home with me. I was overjoyed at this free bounty, which was on it's way to the charity shop/ local tip, depending on which came first! Nearly every item was in pristine condition, and of those that had a few marks on them, most of the stains came out in the wash.

I am amazed that there is still so much of this precious treasure stashed away in peoples cupboards, lofts and attics etc, when you consider how much of it is thrown away or finds its way into a bargain bucket in a charity shop or boot fair maybe, ready to be snapped up and loved again but us vintage collectors.

This fabulous haul came from a friend, who in turn acquired it from her mother-in-law. She simply didn't want it herself, and by her own admission, it had sat in a chest for ages, unloved and unappreciated.

Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing that says that she has to like this kind of thing. I just feel immense sadness when I think of all the work that has gone into producing these wonderful linens.

It got me thinking about the ladies who, in times gone by, had taken the time to make these things. Who were they? What were their circumstances? These beautiful items were lovingly made and embroidered by someone for their homes and probably as gifts for family and friends. Each piece would have taken a lot of time, each piece would have been washed by hand, scented with lavender and kept in a special cupboard perhaps. They were probably arranged on furniture in the parlour, or maybe brought out for special occassions, like afternoon tea taken in delicate china cups and using tea tray covers, silver sugar tongs and dainty porcelain plates.

And day......they end up discarded, labelled "old fashioned" and "stuffy", and ultimately, thrown away. Terribly sad when you think about it.

Someday in the future, when I am in my dotage, will my family clear out my cupboards and drawers, and deem my precious collection " a load of old tat". I sincerely hope not. What items of our modern day living will be covetted and collected by future generations I wonder?

Will our lovingly made patchwork quilts and granny blankets and cushions elicit the same response by a future generation, and will there always be people out there like you and I who will give them a new home and love admire them as we do today... I sincerely hope so.

Dev x

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Real World

Well, the last few days of the summer holidays are drawing to a close. Sadly, Monday will see us all back in the real world again. This last week has been such a good one. The littlest fairy and I have done much crafting, shopping and visiting Nanny to be pampered for a few days in readiness for the new school year.

So, do you want to see how I have been filling my days this week?
Well, lots of handsewing...which if I am honest is my absolute favourite.
Pretty little birds made from scraps of fabric left over from patchwork projects.

I will be listing these in my shop tomorrow hopefully, so stop by and have a browse.

My new range of scissor charms that can double up as mini pin cushions.

I will be listing these in my shop tomorrow hopefully, so please stop by if you have a few moments.

These pretties are already in my shop if you fancy a bit of early christmas shopping!

I also made a needlecase which is something that I have needed for ages.

There has also been a fair amount of shopping this week and I am so pleased with my purchases.
What about this fab messenger bag from the Merchant Chandler made from heavy duty, recycled paper..only £3.99. It makes a great craft bag!

Then I found this gem in New Look and thought how very CK it is..what do you think? A bargain at £6 I thought.

Then there was this little beauty for only 50p. The work that has gone into this is amazing. I wish that I was that clever, or indeed, that I had the patience to make something so delicate.

And my absolute bargain favourite...from TK Maxx.....The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket reduced to £7. I nearly fainted when I saw it on the shelf. I have coveted this book for ages now. I grabbed it quick as there was another lady loitering nearby. I practically skipped to the tills!

I am seriously in need of a tea cosy like this. I have an idea of my own floating around in amongst the grey matter, just need to translate it to paper and crochet hook.

So, all in all, we have had a lovely week.

Bye for now Dev x