Monday, 14 September 2009

Quilts Galore

The weekend saw me in a tiny hamlet of houses not far from our village at their Quilt Festival. It is held in the church of St Laurence every three years. The words stunning, beautiful, inspiring, breath taking, vibrant all spring to mind as I review the photographs. I am truly in awe of the women who can produce such wonders! This was one of my favourites, though there were so many to drool over.

This is a stunning version of the Cathedral Window and was draped over the choir stalls. I love this design but have never tried it, but would love to have a go.

The angle of these was a bit awkward to photograph as they had been suspended from the beams in the church roof. This quilt was entitled "Freya's Quilt" and the one below is Xander's Quilt. Both are grandchildren of the main organiser of the event. She is a prolific quilter and craftswomen, and hold classes at her house. Sadly, although I would love to attend these lessons, they are held during the working day...deep sigh! Maybe one day when I am retired!

I loved these little girly quilts, as did the littlest fairy.

A gorgeous nursery rhyme quilt and one for a first cute!

I particularly loved this one as well, made from satin, silk and old fashioned lace and part of the makers wedding dress. I love the crazy patchwork style of the squares.

Just so many beautiful quilts....... a pity it is a triennial event!

So, what else did I get up to this weekend...well I finished a couple of projects myself, not on the same scale I have to admit, but I am pleased with them all the same.

This Stanley fabric from CK is just so darn cute, don't you think? I made this pretty crochet roll and needlecase

Both these items are available in my shop.

Back to the ripple tomorrow me thinks, has been a while since I got all hooky.

Dev x


Libby said...

These quilts are gorgeous to say the least. I particularly like the second one. I bet when you get to quilting, it too will be amazing.

marigold jam said...

Wow! It's just amazing what some people can do isn't it? I loved the third one best.


Tabiboo said...

Such a beautiful array of quilts!

I'm with you on the 'maybe one day' hey, ho!

Have a lovely day,

Nina x

Pomona said...

What lovely quilts! And I do like the Stanley fabric - very sweet!

Pomona x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

The quilts are so beautiful The time, effort & love that goes in to making them is amazing!
Stanley fabric is one that I really like.
Take care
Isabelle x

The Garden Bell said...

Delish. I just found your cute little blog today. I am eating up every picture on here. I know I have seen some of this over on Flickr...I'm thinking that beautiful blankie on the rocker outside. The first quilt here is too die for a we say over here in the garden.

Herzblatt said...

You show so many lovely quilts!! I love many of them!! When you want to see another great quilt by Tilda, look on my blog...I am really ready with it....I am so happy to have finished much work!!
best wishes

elzemhobby said...

all very beaitifull.ı love all them gretings from Turqia. kıss