Sunday, 21 June 2009

So Soothing

Crochet, so soothing for the soul, the rhythmic weaving in and out, catching the yarn on the other side and gently pulling through. So theraputic. It has been a peaceful weekend at the Fairyglade with much hooking and sewing filling the hours. I sat in the conservatory last night crocheting row after row after row. Would you believe that the birds were still singing at a quarter to 10. It was dark by 10 pm and still I sat there, comfortable in my chair with wool and hook. Sheer bliss.

Remember these?

Well these are the finished items. Soft and warm and cosy and scrumptious! I can't decide which one I like the best...which do you think?

I managed to pick up a pale pink jumper from the charity shop and spent this morning sewing them together. Job well I done I feel.

I have been meaning to have a go at Lucy's Summer Garden granny squares, just one, to see if I can follow the pattern you understand... Well, needless to say, they are totally addictive.........

One thing that I have decided to do, (and would recommend), is to weave in all the ends on each square as I go. Past experience has taught me that this is a very tedious process if left until the end of a project!!

I desperately need some new cushion covers for the furniture in my conservatory and these will be just perfect. All the colours of the rainbow just like the flowers in the garden. Summer Garden Granny's, exactly what it says on the pattern!

Turning my thoughts to up and coming birthdays and dare I say the "C" word! Sorry girls, but we are already half way though the year and the days are just hurtling by. So, as I was saying...I am so loving the pattern that I use for my dishcloths, I wondered to myself, (like you do) whether it would translate well into wool? Well, what can I say, it is lovely. So off to the wool shop for 100% wool, just perfect for warmth and softness against the skin.

I put the flower there just to see, and I like it, so will make one for each end.

This evening I will get on with one of my projects for the swap that I am taking part in. I cannot show you what I am working on at present for obvious reasons. However, I have been working on it in between all the other things that have made my weekend so wonderful. I feel totally relaxed and am now going for a nice warm bubbly bath. The perfect end to a perfect two days. I hope that you have all had a great weekend too.

I leave you with a picture of some of the beautiful and very fragrant roses that are blooming in my garden at the momet...pity you can't smell them as well, they are absolutely divine.

Dev X

Friday, 12 June 2009

Who Will Buy My Wares!

Well not many people actually! It was a shame really as the weather was nice, the tea was hot and the cakes were truly scrumptious, but sadly, it had been very poorly that I mean, word of mouth at best.

All that work for a very small return, and in actual fact, by the time I had made a donation, I was actually out of pocket! However, it raised much needed funds for the church and a good time was had by those of us that were there.

I have decided to take part in a new cosy crochet & knitting swap organised by
Melanie. I am a bit nervous as it involves something other than dishcloths and garlands. You can hardly call a dishcloth, cosy! My crochet skills will be tested as I try to find patterns simple enough for me to follow, and I don't want to let my eventual partner down. If anyone is interested then stop by her blog and put your name down. You have until 15 June.

Dev X