Friday, 12 June 2009

Who Will Buy My Wares!

Well not many people actually! It was a shame really as the weather was nice, the tea was hot and the cakes were truly scrumptious, but sadly, it had been very poorly that I mean, word of mouth at best.

All that work for a very small return, and in actual fact, by the time I had made a donation, I was actually out of pocket! However, it raised much needed funds for the church and a good time was had by those of us that were there.

I have decided to take part in a new cosy crochet & knitting swap organised by
Melanie. I am a bit nervous as it involves something other than dishcloths and garlands. You can hardly call a dishcloth, cosy! My crochet skills will be tested as I try to find patterns simple enough for me to follow, and I don't want to let my eventual partner down. If anyone is interested then stop by her blog and put your name down. You have until 15 June.

Dev X


Libby said...

Your display looks amazing. If I were there, I would have definitely purchased something and told all of my friends!

About school here, in my state school goes from August to June if you are following the traditional schedule. The year round schools usually start in July, but they get three weeks off after every nine weeks of school. Typically the schools in the north start after Labor Day (the first Monday in September) and they get out later because of that.

Just be happy! said...

Oh, your stuff is just so cute. I'm with Libby, I'd have purchased something.
I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job for the swap, your work is always so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your wares look really nice, I would of bought from you. Please don't be nervous about the swap, from looking at your work on here, I can see you will make some fab swap goodies. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dev, I have paired you up with a partner for the Cosy Crochet and Knitting Swap, please take a look on my blog to find out who. xxxx

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Dev
Well done you for branching out and taking your wares out there for sale! They look great in the photo and gorgeous colours too.
It's a brave thing to put your own handiwork up for sale, and from my experience it's just a case of finding the right customers in the right place. Keep smiling and enjoy your crochet swap!
Denise x

pinkfairygran said...

Hope you got my email by now...

Kim McBirnie said...

I think it is a real shame the sale didn't go well, your stall looked beautiful and I certainly would have been tempted to buy something had I been there.
Kim xx

pinkfairygran said... - this is my email address. Having probs with computer at present....sorry. But email didn't get returned so it must be hanging out there in the ether some place! Don't you just love technology...when it works well, yes!

Julia said...

Hi Dev

You had a lovely stall and Im sorry you didnt have a better day of it - I have done a couple of fairs like that myself, poor advertising etc and gone home feeling very disheartened.

I hope you dont feel too sad, we all think your work is smashing at any rate, and I for one would have bought some of your beautiful dishcloths (although whether I would have dared use them as such is another matter, all that effort in making them, and being so pretty it would seem a shame in a way to 'dirty them up' by using them to actually clean anything!! :)

Sending love
Julia xxx

Surfer Rosa said...

Lovely things on your stall - I still haven't got around to making a crochet garland but it's moved up on my to do list as yours is beautiful!
Just responding to your comment re: prices. I think crochet items are tricky to price as if I priced them to take fully into account my time spent I don't think I would sell any!! For example my crochet hats sold for between £5 and £7 each. A simple hat takes about 1 hour to make so once you take of the cost of the yarn ... I'm working below the minimum wage!!! But having said that my daughter is under the weather today so I'm pretty much rooted on the sofa with her (lots of cuddles!)yet will knock out a couple of hats in what would be otherwise a lost day.
On my stall most people bought a hat then something else to go with it to make it up to £10 (i.e. small teddy, jewelery etc) and it was these other items that made a more realistic profit.
I've another stall in a fortnight but if it's wet a miserable I can't see many people turning out for it. It's a bit hit and miss this stall thingy.