Saturday, 24 January 2009

Woolly Scrumptiousness!!

Well I did it, I went and got me some wool and found an old crochet hook, opened the pages and off I went. It was surprising how it all came back to me after a few (thousand) false starts, a bit/lot of under breath muttering and a look of concentration that could stop a bull elephant!!

£££'s being what they are at the Fairyglade at present, and with several birthdays on the horizon, I decided that all the girlies might like one of these, Isabel included. I got the idea from here from one of her tutorials shown on the left hand side of her blog (crochet flowers and leaves).

First recipient received her's today and was dumfounded. I was a bit disappointed at her reaction at first, until I realised that she so shocked that anyone would make her something so pretty and that YES she absolutely DID love it....phew!!!

Isabel is next on the list as her birthday is at the beginning of February.

What do you think? I have a mind to have them hanging everywhere, much to man person's disgust...but then what do men people know anyway!

Dev X

Saturday, 10 January 2009


We could be mistaken for thinking that we are living in the land of Narnia at present. We seem to be trapped in this freezing cold, foggy but beautiful landscape. Until yesterday we still had snow on the ground and frost so thick you could shake a stick at it!

The last two weeks have seen us frozen everyday with temperatures as low as minus 6 and reaching the dizzying heights of minus 3 by lunch time, only to drop back down again by early afternoon. Everything is white and cold to the touch. The air freezes everything it touches, making our bones ache and our breath like wispy clouds as we shiver and shake.

We have seen some beautiful sunrises and skies the colour of pearly yellow, and sunsets that set the sky aglow with fuchsia pink as the sun retires behind the hills.

We have had days of freezing fog, silent and unerving as you walk the lanes. Birds appearing like spectres and then vanishing again in a wing beat. Horses in the field stock still like Narnian statues, huddled together for warmth and protection. Trees stiff like sentinels, branches rigid. Fingers numb, dewdrops on eyelashes, muffled footsteps.

Now what is a girl to do on a quiet Saturday afternoon when subjected to zero temperatures, a quiet house with a roaring log fire in the front room and yummy chocolate to tempt the taste buds? Well.....

I have been following several blogs written by very talented ladies who are handy with a crochet hook. See here and here check out the flowers and that fab cushion cover!! I taught myself to crochet thousands of years ago, but can honestly say that I haven't picked up a hook in the last 10 years or so and I am afraid to say that I am very rusty and seemingly unable to get back into the swing of it. So imagine the pleasure of receiving Nicky Epsteins book to go with the idiots guide that I already purchased. Then, of course I missed the wonderful Cranford, only to have it FREE in the Daily Mail. Add to that the choccy, and it was an afternoon of sheer pleasure!!

Now of course I like to recommend books and so without further ado, drool over the pages of Nicky's book:

I have so got to get to grips my crocheting and to that end am hoping to enlist the help of a fellow member of my craft group which meets reconvenes at the end of the month. I will of course update you on my progress.
For now though, the thermometer is showing an imperceptable rise and rain is forecast. The wind is roaring through the trees outside and I am away to my bed to dream of all things beautiful and made with wool!!
Dev X

Monday, 5 January 2009

Snow is falling all around us!

Who woke up to snow this morning?....We did, We did, We Did!!!! Totally unexpected and what a lovely surprise.

It was just as well that I had finished knitting this because I certainly needed it on my drive to work, it was so cold. Not the most flattering of pictures but hey ho! I found this pattern on the internet and thought it was a bit different. The designer calls it a neck scarf and it does what it says on the packet, it just sits around the neck and keeps you warm. I knitted it with three strands of DK Sirdar Denim wool in this gorgeous colour, I also adapted the flower slightly and added the buttons for a bit of a centrepiece. What do you think?

I have another book recommendation and I would say that if you can get hold of it, then you will not be disappointed. For myself, I have been trying to get a copy for months. It is now out of print as far as I am aware but there are copies available on Amazon, (for the price of a small house I might add)! I finally managed to get one from the library, but had to go out of the county because there isn't one in the whole of Kent. The one copy they had listed was stolen. Now, whilst I cannot condone such behaviour, I can see why someone was tempted. Feast your eyes on these beautiful goodies:

I would say that this is a must have, and with such beautiful images it cannot fail to inspire anyone with an interest in vintage.

It goes without saying that if anybody happened to have a spare copy lying about who for some mad, mad reason would want to sell it .... for less than the price of a small island in the Bahamas....then I would be very grateful!

Dev X