Monday, 5 January 2009

Snow is falling all around us!

Who woke up to snow this morning?....We did, We did, We Did!!!! Totally unexpected and what a lovely surprise.

It was just as well that I had finished knitting this because I certainly needed it on my drive to work, it was so cold. Not the most flattering of pictures but hey ho! I found this pattern on the internet and thought it was a bit different. The designer calls it a neck scarf and it does what it says on the packet, it just sits around the neck and keeps you warm. I knitted it with three strands of DK Sirdar Denim wool in this gorgeous colour, I also adapted the flower slightly and added the buttons for a bit of a centrepiece. What do you think?

I have another book recommendation and I would say that if you can get hold of it, then you will not be disappointed. For myself, I have been trying to get a copy for months. It is now out of print as far as I am aware but there are copies available on Amazon, (for the price of a small house I might add)! I finally managed to get one from the library, but had to go out of the county because there isn't one in the whole of Kent. The one copy they had listed was stolen. Now, whilst I cannot condone such behaviour, I can see why someone was tempted. Feast your eyes on these beautiful goodies:

I would say that this is a must have, and with such beautiful images it cannot fail to inspire anyone with an interest in vintage.

It goes without saying that if anybody happened to have a spare copy lying about who for some mad, mad reason would want to sell it .... for less than the price of a small island in the Bahamas....then I would be very grateful!

Dev X


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Dev! Happy New Year to you!! We had a little snow this morning - the cars and driveway covered in a thin coating of beautiful white snow. All of it gone by late morning. It looks as though you've had much more! So much to respond to: I LOVE the scarf: great colour and the button is essential as a finishing touch. The book - looks wonderful, would love it too. It reminds me of one I have called "Creating your Perfect Christmas" with similar images. I hope you are well and that the first day back at work was not too bad. Happy days. Denise

Merruli said...

Hi Dev! Firstly to your question about the gardican:Through Ravelry I found at least that in The Art of Knitting Magazine, Issue 19 should have been a similar jacket in a larger scale. The pattern I was using (for babies)would be in: Sublime #606, The Second Little Sublime Hand Knit Book.
Your scarf is so much fun and lovely, just the right thing to brighten up the January. So nice that you got some snow as well to brighten up your winter. Today we've had -20C, a bit too cold, I would say, but sooo beautiful.

Herzblatt said...

Hi Dev,
Happy New Year to you!! As I see you have got snow in England....very seldom in your area...isn`t it?
But it looks great, doesn`t it!
The same like your marvellous book. What a trouble to get it.
Thanks for the nice pictures.
Your scarf looks really wonderful.
At the moment we have got -20 degrees....unbelievable cold and a lot of snow.
Best wishes

funkymonkey said...

Fantastic photos of the snow Dev and I love the design and colour of your scarf. I don't think I've seen anything like it before.

Miss sew n sew said...

Lucky you I know you've been wanting it to snow weve had nothing here just freezing cold temperatures. That does look a pretty book and that scarf is lovely I really like the big flower bet your getting your use out of it! Happy New Year!

Curlew Country said...

Gosh what a gorgoues scarf Dev, clever old you! I'm going to try and learn to crochet this year, book arrived today so wish me luck (I never did click with knitting).

Love your snowy pictures, wasn't it a surprise. Looks like we all got a bit, it was white over here in the Staffs Moorlands for days.

Thanks for posting about that lovely book - I'm a woman on a mission now to find it now.

Have a happy weekend.