Saturday, 24 January 2009

Woolly Scrumptiousness!!

Well I did it, I went and got me some wool and found an old crochet hook, opened the pages and off I went. It was surprising how it all came back to me after a few (thousand) false starts, a bit/lot of under breath muttering and a look of concentration that could stop a bull elephant!!

£££'s being what they are at the Fairyglade at present, and with several birthdays on the horizon, I decided that all the girlies might like one of these, Isabel included. I got the idea from here from one of her tutorials shown on the left hand side of her blog (crochet flowers and leaves).

First recipient received her's today and was dumfounded. I was a bit disappointed at her reaction at first, until I realised that she so shocked that anyone would make her something so pretty and that YES she absolutely DID love it....phew!!!

Isabel is next on the list as her birthday is at the beginning of February.

What do you think? I have a mind to have them hanging everywhere, much to man person's disgust...but then what do men people know anyway!

Dev X


Herzblatt said...

Great...these crochet hooks!!
Very practical because you can do them also can make a blanket of them....I suppose, that *Shabby Roses Cottage* shows one on her post from October 26, 2008.
Beat wishes

Miss sew n sew said...

Wow I love it that's so good for your fist attempt I'm well impressed I think they make a great gift looks like your hooked!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Dev, they are glorious!! They look so delightful in all those colours, and yes I think they should be proudly on show all over the house. What wonderful gifts. Homemade gifts are always the best ever. D x

the pig lady said...

They are gorgeous, I am very impressed, my crochet skills are sadly lacking. That's a gift that would always be welcome! Debs x

Toria said...

They're really pretty. Crocheting is one craft I can't seem to do, I think I need someone to show me rather than trying to work it out from a book

Merruli said...

The scarf is just brilliant for spring. It is as vibrant and filled with flowers as the spring at its' best, yet offers warmth against the chillier days.

Miss sew n sew said...

Good luck with your girls party sounds like fun hope she enjoys herself! Snowing here to as I type and bitterly cold!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Dev, me again! Just to say I have tagged you with an award over on my blog! Come over to see! I hope all is well with you and the snow is providing lots of fun. Happy days. Denise

Lynne said...

Wow, these look lovely. Most impressive.

Attic24 said...

Yeah, hang 'em all over the house : crochet in every room!