Thursday, 30 October 2008

Hubble, Bubble!!!

As Halloween approaches, we are gearing up for several outings and a party. The house is decorated, the witches have polished their broomsticks and the bats have been fed.

You may remember this boot that I purchased a couple of weeks ago, well this is it finished. It was painted black and then made to look old with cinammon powder. I glued on some wool for a lace and then decorated it with silver glitter glue. Just what the trendy witch about town is wearing this season!

Talking of witches, don't you just love her...she has a face only a mother could love bless her. She has the rather elegant name of Moonlight.

Then there is Greta whose a bit miffed because she doesn't have a pair of silver glitter shoes!

It has started to thunder here, something must be happening don't you think!! Turn the lights off if you dare....................

H a p p y H a l l o w e e n!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Autumn Observations

My version of Country Living front cover

Autumn Observations

Leaves that crackle underfoot, gathering in golden piles.
Low mists, wraithlike lying across the open fields.
Clear night skies encrusted with crystal star confetti.
The silver moon walks her starry pathway, silent, enigmatic.
Jewelled cobwebs like diamante necklaces.
Trees adorned in gowns of yellow, orange and red.
Hedgerows bedecked in berries, crimson, scarlett and ruby red.
Wisps of bonfire smoke, pungent, warm against the chill.
Sunrise in pink skies, billowing clouds on the horizon.
Flocks of twittering starlings, swooping & swirling in purple grey clouds.
Trees dancing to the music of the wind that only they can hear.
Leaves pirouetting to the damp floor below.
Pumpkings grinning, witches cackling, ghostly footsteps.
Branches tapping on windows like bony fingers.
Banshees moaning through keyholes, screeching down chimneys.
Fireworks exploding in black velvet.
Wood sizzling in bonfires, green & orange flames leaping, consuming.
Hotdogs and onions, children giggling, scarves and mittens.
Sparklers tracing golden white patterns in the air.
Sparkling frost, glittering dewdrops, crunchy grass underfoot.
The quiet stillness of damp days, leaden skies, lamplight & candles.
Curtains drawn against rattling windows, firelight & hot water bottles.
Clear azure blue above, chocolate brown earth below, fallow.
The landscape sighing, holding its breath, preparing to sleep a while.

Happy Autumn Everybody

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Spooky Crafts

We decided to do a bit of preparation for I's Halloween Party this weekend. She has had a party now for the last 4 years and each year we try and make it better than the previous one. She fancied a gravestone for the garden, and this is what we came up with. It is so easy to make and a great one for the kiddies to have a go at.

We cut the side from a large cardboard box......

We shaped the top and painted it with black acrylic paint...

We used a glue stick to make the letters and then sprinkled them with red glitter....and Hey Presto!

This will be propped under a tree and a skeleton will be draped in front. A green glow stick will make it suitably spooky when darkness falls...and then you enter the garden at your peril....Ha Ha Ha......!!!

Toothache is getting the better of me at the moment and this was one of the few things that I have managed to make in the past couple of weeks. My concentration levels are very short at present. Dentist on Monday and 2 extractions booked in, (or out, depending on how you look at it!!). Never one to enjoy the dentist, but I will be positively galloping in there next week. Can't stand it much longer!

Dev X

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Vintage Halloween Swap

Oh boy was I in for a surprise when I arrived home Halloween swap parcel was in the kitchen waiting for me. I was so excited, but manageds to contain myself whilst I photographed the picture on the outside of the box.

And then the contents before unwrapping, except of course for the gorgeous girl in the middle. Everything was beautifully wrapped in black and orange netting and tied with yummy ribbon. It was such a treat opening up each one. And look what was waiting for me....

Now she really is something else, and will be the star attraction at I's Halloween party at the end of the month.

The above table runner is gorgeous, the camera just doesn't do it the justice it deserves. All around the oustside are tiny black lovely, and such a lot of work.
Now, all you ladies out there really should have a go at swaps. They are such fun. All right, so you have to make a parcel up yourself, but what fun when you receive your half of the bargain. If you click on the icon for the vintage christmas swap you can sign up and have a go yourselves. I can thoroughly recommend it!
Dev X

Saturday, 4 October 2008

First Frost

My last post didn't seem to go down too well, but perhaps because I work in a military setting it had more meaning and a bigger impact on me.

So on to today..woke to the first frost of the season. A soft coating of white on the rooftops of the cottages opposite me. There was a lovely smell of wood smoke all around, emanating from my chimney in particular, and wreathing the house in that yummy autumny smell that is so good in the crisp weather. Freezing cold mind you and too cold to sit out with my morning coffee now.

Halloween is fast approaching now and I purchased this fab item from ebay last week. I had no idea at first how to make it primitive and shabby, but the lady that sold it to me was very helpful, and this is the work in progress. All I need now is string, cobwebs, cinnamon powder, a one legged witch! Waiting for the paint to dry before decorating it. Will post a piccy when finished.

We celebrate big time here and my little one always has a party with her friends. I am in the unusual position of having an old graveyard in the middle of my woods. It was once the burial ground for the local methodist chapel (now a private home). There are only a few headstones dotted here and there indicating what it once was. For such parties, it does lend a certain air to the proceedings I must say. I took part in Heidi's Halloween swap, and am eagerly awaiting my goodies from my partner in the USA. The postman has already been today, so now I must wait for Monday's post. I am not very good at this waiting lark...sigh!

Shopping in Canterbury today and look what I found in one of the posh department stores. CK goodies, yummy, yummy, yummy. I have wanted one of these tins for ages and it was the only thing in my price range. The pyjamas are gorgeous but they don't make them in elephant size and they are nearly £48!!

I have been tagged by dear friend
Marja, so here goes:

5 things in my freezer:

Half a lamb (I work with someone whose father has a small holding).
Sloes for making sloe gin.
Potato wedges which I love with soured cream.
Ice lollies for my daughter, despite the freezing weather.

5 things in my closet/wardrobe:

Tin quality street chocolates, hidden so as not to be eaten before xmas....!!!
An embroidery frame.
Brownie outfit, washed and ready to put on ebay.
Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlilly, again hidden so only I can use it!

Ohh...and a few clothes!!

5 things in my car:

My gorgeous collection of CK shopping bags, mind you I find them hard to use in case they get dirty!
A cushion...not sure what for, but hey you never know when you might need one.
An umbrella.
Halloween goodies, so they won't be eaten before hand.
Empty crisp and sweet wrappers from my darling daughter who thinks they find their way into the rubbish by magic!

5 things in my purse/handbag.

Mobile Phone
lip balm...and a trillion other things that I may need..sometime..maybe..just in case.

I would now like to tag : Denise

p.s I have solved the picture problem, so now if you wish to see a photo in a bigger format just click onto it.

Dev X