Thursday, 30 October 2008

Hubble, Bubble!!!

As Halloween approaches, we are gearing up for several outings and a party. The house is decorated, the witches have polished their broomsticks and the bats have been fed.

You may remember this boot that I purchased a couple of weeks ago, well this is it finished. It was painted black and then made to look old with cinammon powder. I glued on some wool for a lace and then decorated it with silver glitter glue. Just what the trendy witch about town is wearing this season!

Talking of witches, don't you just love her...she has a face only a mother could love bless her. She has the rather elegant name of Moonlight.

Then there is Greta whose a bit miffed because she doesn't have a pair of silver glitter shoes!

It has started to thunder here, something must be happening don't you think!! Turn the lights off if you dare....................

H a p p y H a l l o w e e n!


Miss sew n sew said...

Happy Halloween! Hope you have a fab time your Witches are wonderful!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Dev. I love your new Autumn photo at the top of the blog page - what a wonderful collection of colours. I hope you had much fun for Halloween & Bonfire night. Best Wishes. Denise

Marja Kristiina said...

Hi there Autumn Fairyglade! Will the title be changing according to the seasons..? That's a cool idea you've got here!

I'm so sorry, I'm very late for commenting on your Halloween d├ęcor but everything looks absolutely fun and inviting and quirky, not to mention spooky in a fab way! Thumbs up!!!

Take care, dear Dev!

Toria said...

Love how the witch's boot turned out.

I've given you an award, check out my last post for details.

Marja Kristiina said...

You've got mail!