Saturday, 4 October 2008

First Frost

My last post didn't seem to go down too well, but perhaps because I work in a military setting it had more meaning and a bigger impact on me.

So on to today..woke to the first frost of the season. A soft coating of white on the rooftops of the cottages opposite me. There was a lovely smell of wood smoke all around, emanating from my chimney in particular, and wreathing the house in that yummy autumny smell that is so good in the crisp weather. Freezing cold mind you and too cold to sit out with my morning coffee now.

Halloween is fast approaching now and I purchased this fab item from ebay last week. I had no idea at first how to make it primitive and shabby, but the lady that sold it to me was very helpful, and this is the work in progress. All I need now is string, cobwebs, cinnamon powder, a one legged witch! Waiting for the paint to dry before decorating it. Will post a piccy when finished.

We celebrate big time here and my little one always has a party with her friends. I am in the unusual position of having an old graveyard in the middle of my woods. It was once the burial ground for the local methodist chapel (now a private home). There are only a few headstones dotted here and there indicating what it once was. For such parties, it does lend a certain air to the proceedings I must say. I took part in Heidi's Halloween swap, and am eagerly awaiting my goodies from my partner in the USA. The postman has already been today, so now I must wait for Monday's post. I am not very good at this waiting lark...sigh!

Shopping in Canterbury today and look what I found in one of the posh department stores. CK goodies, yummy, yummy, yummy. I have wanted one of these tins for ages and it was the only thing in my price range. The pyjamas are gorgeous but they don't make them in elephant size and they are nearly £48!!

I have been tagged by dear friend
Marja, so here goes:

5 things in my freezer:

Half a lamb (I work with someone whose father has a small holding).
Sloes for making sloe gin.
Potato wedges which I love with soured cream.
Ice lollies for my daughter, despite the freezing weather.

5 things in my closet/wardrobe:

Tin quality street chocolates, hidden so as not to be eaten before xmas....!!!
An embroidery frame.
Brownie outfit, washed and ready to put on ebay.
Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlilly, again hidden so only I can use it!

Ohh...and a few clothes!!

5 things in my car:

My gorgeous collection of CK shopping bags, mind you I find them hard to use in case they get dirty!
A cushion...not sure what for, but hey you never know when you might need one.
An umbrella.
Halloween goodies, so they won't be eaten before hand.
Empty crisp and sweet wrappers from my darling daughter who thinks they find their way into the rubbish by magic!

5 things in my purse/handbag.

Mobile Phone
lip balm...and a trillion other things that I may need..sometime..maybe..just in case.

I would now like to tag : Denise

p.s I have solved the picture problem, so now if you wish to see a photo in a bigger format just click onto it.

Dev X


Heart in the country said...

Hi Devina

The view from your house sounds idylic with the frost, it must be magical at christmas :) I can't wait to hear what your halloween swap is - what did you send?

Love the CK pin tin, she does a lovely button tin as well (empty unfortunately) which goes brilliant with it.

I've just noticed that you have read no time for goodbye this year - brilliant wasn't it?


MelMel said...

Lovely of you to pop in!
I love the tin....and the boot is sweet...i love old fashioned boots!

I remeber when my granny passed away......lots of stuff was thrown away....i managed to save her rocking chair and her china teas set....sadly minus the teapot..its lovely!xxxxx

Toria said...

I'm intrigued at how your boot is going to end up, hope you don't make us wait until Halloween to see it finished!

The CK tin is sweet.

Sal said...

I long to visit Canterbury..does it have any querky, little streets and 'individual' shops?
I love the CK tins too. ;-)

thriftymrs said...

Cute boot. Love that tin too.
I love Canterbury, but sadly now that I live oooop north it is rare that I can get there.

Country Bliss said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the boot and your halloween swap as I love decorating for halloween.
Cute pin tin, the prices of CK things are incredibly expensive!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Dev! Well, thank you for the tag... I am going to get thinking now! You're Halloween celebrations must be amazing with all the preparation you put into it. Looking forward to hearing about it and seeing the pics. Have a good week. Denise.

Herzblatt said...

Hi Devina,
the tin looks wonderful,do you collect those tins???
The next time I visit England I will go to Canterbury, too.....
I am looking forward to seeing your boot finished and all the other things for Halloween.
The lady in the patchwork shop tries to order some red elk fabrics but she isn`t sure to get it.
How far is Canterbury from your town?
best wishes

Herzblatt said...

Sorry, I forgot to tell you that when I try to click on "Denise" or "Marja", a site is opening to show me : "Error".
Is it my fault???