Sunday, 10 January 2010

Big Freeze

We continue to shiver here at the Fairyglade due to the fact that our heating is not what it should be and we can only actually heat one room at present. It is mighty uncomfortable to say the least and we have taken to wearing thick jumpers and woolly bedsocks 24/7.

I have rung family and friends to make sure all is well and that they are warm and have enough food to be going on with. It is a mixed blessing really. One the one hand I love the stuff, I could sit and watch it fall from the sky all day. On the other hand, we are cold, particularly at night and the drive to work is fraught with danger, especially on the side roads.
I'm beginning to feel how he looks!!

(Elmer our resident gargoyle)

The lane is like a skating rink. Ice hidden under fresh snow makes for a treacherous combination and not one to be underestimated. Absolutely lethal. I am amazed at the amount of vehicles that have tried to drive up the hill outside our cottage.

The littlest fairy and friend had a lovely time playing in it all though. The picture doesn't really show the steepness of the hill..but take it from me...its STEEP.

This is one of our many log piles scattered here and there in the garden. Luckily we also have a log shed that keeps some in the dry too. It is hard work for man person keeping us warm.

It has been nice though, just staying inside, in the warm and reading and crocheting and catching up on films and such. Do you want to see a finished project, one that has been worth it's weight in gold under the present circumstances...well I am going to show you whether you like it or not.

Remember this???

Well it is now finished and looks like this..

It is as warm and snug as only a pure wool blanket can be and much fought over by the littlest one and myself. I have loved every minute of making this blanket in all it's hooky glory. What do you all think? Do you like it?

I couldn't end without showing you my xmas goodies. I may have mentioned the CK bag that I have coveted for ages and ages and ages, well here it is courtesy of my wonderful Mum who gave me a wad of cash for Christmas...ta very much ma! Little fairy and a friend bought me the lotions and potions which smell divinely of summer roses.

On that note, I will say goodnight as it is nearly my bedtime. Fingers crossed for a snowless night, though there is more forecast.

Take care all of you and keep warm and cosy.
Dev x
EDIT: Has anyone managed to get hold of a copy of the new crochet magazine that has been advertised on tv recently. I think it's called The Art of Crochet? I have looked everywhere and can't find it?
EDIT again: I have since been told by a collegue who made some enquiries that the first edition has now sold out around these parts, how can that be? So if there is anyone out there who is able to locate a copy for me and would be prepared to buy it and post it to me I would be ever so grateful. I can send you a cheque or pay through paypal if it is easier. Pretty, pretty please.


Libby said...

I do remember!!! Your ripple blanket came out lovely. One of the things I enjoy about the snow is actually being trapped inside, with the basic necessities provided for. Then it's fun crafting!

Toria said...

The blanket turned out lovely :-). Congratulations on persevering with the ripple technique until you perfected it & made it into something lovely & functional.

a mermaids purse said...

Thats such a wonderful blanket dev ;0)x loved your snowy piccys!
tho i know its not as pretty being stuck in it!- devon only had a small sprinkling and the rest of the country seems hidden within the blanket of snow!- i wished we had just a little bit more ;0)
your cozy cottage looks wonderful, especially by your fire ;0) beautiful blog xxxx

Lululiz said...

Ripple blanket, do we like it? Silly question - YES YES YES! Its gorgeous! The colours are beautiful and it looks extremely snuggly.

Alexandra Mason said...

Hi lovely blog, and gorgeous blanket! I got the art of crochet from whsmiths. xx

resewn sally said...

Loving that blanket! I got a copy of the mag in my local shop which is a garage, couldn't beleive my luck! been wanting to learn crochet for a long time! i would have thought any newsagent will have it, if you can get to one.

Tabiboo said...

Gosh that is a lot of snow!!

We had the ice on Friday which as you say was lethal - it made the school run pretty interesting and some what scary, but now it's just slush with a bit of ice!!

Love the ripple it does look mighty warm and I hope your managing to keep warm?

take care and have a lovely (safe) week,

Nina xxx

A Country Girl said...

The blanket is wonderful, how clever you are!
Saw the ad for the crochet mag but haven't seen it in the shops - will keep my eyes open for it.
Our snow is finally melting and the temperature has kept above freezing for the last 2 days - hope yours does soon too!

bbabs said...

Lovely colours, wish I could do ripple blankets tried a couple of times just can`t get it. Well done blanket is beautiful. Need cosy things at the moment.

Mrs Twins said...

Hi there, I've just come through the Love of Crochet to look at your ripple. Simply gorgeous! Well done its' beautiful.
Now if you visit my blog, I have put up information about the magazine. I have subscribed to it.
I've given customer service telephone number and other information. Quite expensive there are 120 issues! I just cant wait for issue 2 to come!
I'll be happy for you to pop over,
Hugs and Love Suex

CT said...

I absobloominglutely love it!!!!!
My biggest little girl saw the photo and now she wants it. Told her I would make her one just like it!