Tuesday, 19 January 2010

How's Things?

Look at that sky, is there anything more beautiful than that blueness? Is that a proper word do you think...blueness.?

So how is everybody, has the snow gone where you are? We are virtually clear now, although there are some stubborn patches that refuse to melt on the higher ground and beneath the hedges that get the least sun.

There was a brief spell of warmth on Sunday which has been overtaken by fog and mist and dampness and cold. But Sunday morning you could have almost convinced yourself that it was spring. The light was very harsh though casting strange long shadows and making us squint, but the sun had a little warmth in the shelter of the gazebo. Warm enough to take a few photos and have a cup of coffee outdoors, albeit with a woolly wrap

A few brave plants have lifted their weary head and turned towards the sunlight, but mostly they sleep on, biding their time..waiting........

Everything is just waiting...............

I have struggled a little to get back on track with my crafting after the mammoth efforts that I made before Christmas. I have run out of wool in some of my favourite colours, there are knitting patterns that I want to do, but can't understand some of the instruction, which is frustrating to say the least. I want to start another patchwork, but already have 2 unfinished projects peeping out from my craft cupboard. What about you ladies, how many unfinshed projects do you have lurking in bags and cupboards?
My last post was a plea for help in finding a copy of the new Art of Crochet magazine and you did not disappoint me. I am now in possession of said magazine and the crochet throw is more gorgeous than I first thought.
However, 120 issues at £2.99 a piece, adds up to a hefty outlay and sadly, I am not sure that I can justify such a sum. It would buy an awful lot of other more essential but less cheering things don't you think? Besides which, as was the problem with the first episode, I have yet to see it on the shelves of any of my local shops and supermarkets. Has anyone else seen it anywhere? Very illusive!
I decided to have a go at the first square, just to see...I made a mistake somewhere (as per usual) and had to pull it out again, but all is good now and I like it very much.


If you look closely you can see that the pattern is wrong and doesn't flow properly.

I now have a mind to make up my own squares using a book of crochet stitches to devise my own squares. Watch this space...........
I also thought that I would give the hexagon a go, it has been on my "to do list" for quite a while now. What do you think...do you like?. I seem to lean towards the pinks and purples but think in the case of the throw, I will try and make it as colourful as the one in the picture.

I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head, but it is a confidence thing.. can I make it, will people like it...am I clever enough? I need to stretch myself a bit I think.

So girls, what are you up to at the moment, what new projects have you started and what projects have you dug out of the cupboards to finish off?
Dev X


Alexandra Mason said...

I love your hexagon's and the colours. I can't get my crochet squares to be square i am still losing stitches :( i have decided to try flowers or anything that isn't square. Hope you are having a lovely week xx

The Garden Bell said...

Can you send some of that wonderful blue sky, purple flowers and pink yarn wonder over here. Please, please, please

Libby said...

The meteorologists predicted snow and they were wrong. That was when the weather was in the teens; now it's like 50 degrees, so... This weekend I finished up a hat/scarf set. I'm working on a scarf, have another scarf to do, and 3 baby blanket requests. Whew! That does not include patterns I've been longing to try but can't get around to. That's why I was secretly hoping for a little snow to have uninterrupted crafting time. Tsk tsk Isn't that selfish of me. :-)

p.s. I absolutely love beautiful blue skies such as that one you showed us.

Maria said...

Just found your blog and I would have to vote for Hexagons. I love doing them, so quick, so easy and so versatile. I have made 2 so far and there are plans for more

No snow here :-) Just lots of very hot days and if we are lucky a little rain

Herzblatt said...

Dear Devina, January, 20th.....
happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu,happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu, happy birthday dear Dev, happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!
All the best and a lot of health and luck for you!! It is very funny, that we can congratulate us each other.....
Thanks for your birthday wishes, too!!!
All the best

Tabiboo said...

Love the hexagons - they are something I want to try this year and it is starting to look a little Springlike out there at the moment.

take care,

Nina x

A Country Girl said...

I saw issue 2 of the crochet mag the other day - it had a ring binder with it but the actual mag seemd very small and thin for the money! You could buy a lot of knitting/ crochet books for £120, too!
My unfinished projects are awaiting new wool supplies and my planned projects are waiting for a book from Amazon, so not much going on here at the moment!

Anonymous said...

I really like your hexagons. They are pretty - believe me!! I did buy the crochet magazine, but have decided to spend the money on a ball of wool instead and get books from the library. If you are struggling to get going why don't you join the 20 minuters. A great idea from marmalade rose. There is a link on my blog. take care and keep going!!

Ali said...

Hi! I am stopping lurking to give you a sunshine award - it's waiting for you over at my blog!
I love your hexagons by the way! And you're right - 120 issues for £2.99 each, that would be one pricey blanket!

Pipany said...

I agree with you about the cost Dev. You could buy yourself an awful lot of wool wioth the money. Perhaps just use that edition as inspiration for your blanket instead. My new project is a bobbly jumper in charcoal, but I haven't managed my 20 mins very well for the last two nights..sigh x

maryannlucy said...

Please send some blue skies over here - it hasn't stopped raining at all today.
PS I love the hexagons, fab colours too