Saturday, 2 January 2010


It is absolutely freezing here today, not sure of the general temperature but it is easily below zero. We are all snug by the fire as it's far too cold to even stick our noses outside. We had lovely snow fall yesterday and more forecast today.

Everything is coated in a thick layer of frost and we have fed the all the animals a bit more food. I hate seeing the wild birds pecking at the frozen ground and finding nothing to eat. The squirrels are much in evidence too, as they come down and literally chew the fat balls of the branches that we hang them on!

The thought of going back to work on Monday is too much to contemplate, especially if it stays as cold as this!

We had a lovely Christmas and Santa was very generous. I received my longed for CK bag, something I have coveted for ages and ages. More about that in another post though. For now it is about staying warm by the fire with some crochet and my Christmas books to hand as a diversion now and again.

It just remains for me to wish you a belated Happy New Year. Take care and keep warm!

Dev x


Alhana said...

So beautiful! Stay warm at home as long as you can and enjoy the view through the windows.

Happy New Year!

Michelle (Shell) May said... right! Beautiful to look at though especially with the birds.
Happy New Year to you,

Sarah said...

What lovely pictures of the snow - we just had a light dusting.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

the pig lady said...

Happy New Year Dev! Sending you lots of hugs for a cosy few days before reality comes to us all - yuck! Hugs Debs xx

Tabiboo said...

Look at the snow! We've had none really, but it is still freezing.

Happy New Year and here's to 2010,

take care,

Nina xxxxxxx

Just be happy! said...

Happy new year, Dev!
I'm looking forward to reading more about the CK bag.
Staying warm by the fireplace is something I really enjoy doing.
Beautiful pictures, by the way.

Maureen said...

Hi and a Happy New Year. I have just blog hopped over here and can't wait to come back and have a good browse at your older posts, so I'm going to pop you on my blog list on my side bar. You have some lovely photo's and your craft work looks so colourful.

Julia said...

hello Dev

what pretty pictures of the doves in the snow there, I hope you're keeping warm and enjoying your crochet!

See you soon, happy new year!

love Julia xxx

Merruli said...

Happy happy New Year, Dev!

The picture with the doves is so beautiful.

Stay warm and cosy! We have had temperatures between -20 and -30 for a couple of weeks now, but for us that's just normal and our houses are build to take it, but I can believe you are really freezing there.