Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Bag Lady

This isn't a brilliant picture, but I really wanted to get a post on tonight. I have made my first bag and I am really pleased with it. The fabric was given to me by a fellow quilter and was left over from a quilt that she had made her grand daughter. My little darling is now the proud owner and is so pleased that she intends to use it for school tomorrow, so it must be good!

With help from the lovely, and I must say extremely patient Ann, I have finally had the confidence to make it. I found the whole process a bit daunting, and that must sound silly to all of you competent needlewomen out there in blog land. She helped, but also allowed me to do things in my own way. The pattern is very simple but I learnt how to do pleats and insert a gusset and that tricky thing of adding the lining on the outside and then pulling the finished bag through a small gap and voila!

Ann is new to the computer and I am yet to explain to her the joys of blogging so it may be that she never reads this post, but I would just like to thank her and say how much I appreciated all her help. She encouraged me all the way and I am now looking for suitable fabric for my second project!

Bye for now. Dev X


Miss sew n sew said...

I love your bag, the fairy fabric is gorgeous! Well done you I've never made a bag either maybe I should give one a go!

funkymonkey said...

Well done!I'm sure yuor little one will be the envy of her friends.

Summer by the sea said...

What a lovely bag- you will be on a roll now and will probably want to make loads! - Natalie x

Curlew Country said...

Hello Dev
What a lovely bag, much more complicated than anything I've ever tried - well done you!

My lampshade cover was a cinch - even for a total novice sewer like me. All I did was the measure the right depth of fabric against the exisiting shade (make it a couple of inches longer, mine's a bit short)and cut enough of it to wrap at least 1 and 1/2 times around the shade (maybe a bit more).

Basically this gives you a long rectancle that needs a hem at the top (just wide enough to thread a ribbon through, hem the bottom and then stitch the two ends together

All you do then is draw the ribbon through like a drawstring to ruch the top and tie it (I popped a safety pin on the end to make the threadign easier)and Bob's your uncle!

I got the fabric from ebay -think I got three Cath Kidston pieces for about £4 I think, there's often pletny on there.

Hope that helps, off to make another for the sitting room now

JuicyFig said...

LOVE the bag! so has the bag bug bitten?

Lovely blog!


Herzblatt said...

Great, this bag!!!! My first attempts with blogging were the same and I am sure, you will have more and more confidence to make things again.
The pattern of the snails are in the Norwegian "Tilda" books which are absolutely marvellous. If you like it I can send you the snail instruction (by email) which is very easy to do and if you have any question or you need help I will explain it to you and I will be patient like Ann!!! I promise!!!
Best wishes

Marja Kristiina said...

But Dev, that bag turned out absolutely divine!!! Good job!

As to your comment: exactly! Furthermore, who wants to live in a showhome anyways; dog hairs and glitter and all the other signs of wholesome, busy and happy family life are actually more than welcome!

Take care!

Herzblatt said...

Hello Dev,
to your comment: I`ll send you the construction in a minute!!! Please let me know if there is something difficult!!!!
May I link your blog on mine??
good night