Monday, 25 August 2008

Christmas is coming!

If you only buy one book before Christmas (yes I can hear your collective groans, but it is on its way whether you like it or not!) to inspire you in your crafting then it has to be this one!

I had never heard of the authoress, Tone Finnanger before hand, although the snails in my previous post are designed by her. I was browsing on Amazon for some inspiration for homemade gifts and came across her books. Well, I have never oohed and aahhed so much. Each page you turn over is total bliss, from the page layouts, the designs and the colours etc. I simply couldn't put it down and read it from cover to cover and then some.
These angels and pixie dolls are adorable and look relatively simple to make. She even has a list of stockists at the back of the book to help you locate the same gorgeous fabrics that she had used.

Most days I just open it randomly and drool over what I find there like these wonderful Babushka dolls:

These sweet little hearts:

And these adorable boots to hang on the tree, or wherever.

I cannot decide what to make first! What a fantastically talented lady she is and I wish that I was on her Christmas List!

Dev X

p.s. Just an observation but I was wondering if my blog is interesting enough? Why, well my number counter shows that 68 people visited me after my last post but I only received 8 comments and that seems to be the norm f0r most of my posts. I obviously love hearing from my "regulars" but what about the rest?


Herzblatt said...

Hello....I am not the rest.....I am your "regular".....but I want to compensate them all.....*lol*....
I know this fact...a lot of people take a look at your blog but only a handful write a comment.
I also love Tone Finnanger. The "Tilda Book" is from her, too.
best wishes,

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

I am err.. one of the rest I guess. I read every post you make BUT I subscribe to 136 blogs at the moment, and I am in danger of getting RSI with the amount of word verifications I have to type. So I confess I am a bit selective about leaving comments. If 20+ people all update their blogs at the same time I will comment on a few. If only a few updates show up, I'll comment on most of 'em.
Having said all that, this book looks sooooo amazing, would've commented anyway. It looks fab. I'm going to search for it now..

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Just found this blog when I Googled Tone's name.

Miss sew n sew said...

Wow you've definitely sold that book to me it's gorgeous I'm so glad you've shown it on your blog I have to have one!
I would say I'm a regular and I think your blog is really interesting I always enjoy your posts I think sometimes some people are just to lazy to comment!

Toria said...

That is a gorgeous looking book. And you've reminded me that my son asked me yesterday how many days it was until Christmas & I promised to work it out for him. Better get the calendar out & do that! I'm a fairly regular reader, but not a regular commenter.

Marja Kristiina said...

Dear Dev, it took me almost 10 months to establish a steady readership and to start getting more than zero or one comments. You're already doing so much better! Your blog is lovely -- please update it simply for your OWN enjoyment and do not worry about the number of comments. It helps to be an avid commentator in other people's blogs whose owners will then reciprocate but again: please don't worry about this! Feel free to join my Blogging without Obligation mode

I really like the work of Norwegian Tone Finnanger although as I don't sew (and wouldn't know a sewing machine from a hole in the ground) I don't own any of her books and have never tried those instructions out. But she's immensely popular all over Scandinavia, practically a phenomenon. We call that kind of crafting and sewing 'tilda-ing'. It's Tilda this and Tilda that everywhere!!!

Take care, Dev, and put all worries aside please!

claire said...

I am one of the rest :) so I'm popping in to say I like the look of the christmas book, I have sew pretty homestyle but havn't actually made anything from it yet!!!

Marja Kristiina said...

Hiya! I'm having so much fun with the Halloween swap!!! I'm solely a paper crafter so my options are limited and there's less pressure :-)

The nice thing is that the lady I was paired up with likes bright colors and quirky images so I've really had to stretch the boundaries of my creativity and to come up with something different. And I'm rather pleased with my own accomplishment so far :-D

Will be shipping her items out this week as it takes a while for the package to reach the States.

By the way, have been meaning to ask you: would you be interested in doing a little Christmas swap with me, just the two of us? I'd say around November. But I totally get it if you're too busy.


Merruli said...

For last Christmas I had a finnish version of the book (from a library though, not my own copy), but through your pictures I see the international version is totally different, so I might have to order this book. Marja Kristiina already told about the Tilda-movement in Scandinavia. It's all true; Tone Finnanger is the craft queen of Scandinavia.

Sea Angels said...

Hi Dev This looks a lovely book, I adore pictures and ideas that inspire me to try new things.....don't worry about the comments, lots of visitors are from other countrys and their English is not so my languages!! so I reackon they come to look but don't comment?Their is nothing wrong at all with your beautiful blog...listen to Marja she is right...honest.
Hugs Lynn xx

Hen said...

Oh my, I definitely NEED this book urgently. I have the "Sew Pretty Homestyle" one which is equally fab eye candy but I set about making the slippers last week and they are so tiny!
Hen x

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Devina, I have tried to get that book but Amazon had sold out! - -She has written another christmas book though which I already own.
Now the nights are drawing in, it is an ideal time to get on with the crochet - I will keep pestering you until you blog that you have crocheted something! - Natalie x

Marja Kristiina said...

Super! :-)

My email addy shows on my profile, underneath everything that I wrote about myself.