Thursday, 1 October 2009

Writers Block

I am struggling to find anything interesting to say at the moment, I suppose it is my turn for writer's block! It has been a rather mundane sort of week, you know the sort I mean, where you just drift along living your life with nothing in particular happening. Perhaps that's not such a bad thing, just plodding along, minding your own business and getting on with things without worrying or having to think too hard about things.

I have been crafting a bit here and there and have been asked to sell some of my things at another coffee morning at the beginning of November. Not really sure what to do, the last one knocked my confidence a bit. I have that age old problem of setting prices that reflect the work that I have put into something against what people are prepared to pay for it. The two never seem achievable to me. I am usually out of pocket or I take it all home with me! Decisions, decisions!

So what have I been up to I hear you ask? Well I bought this pretty panel last year but unfortunately didn't have time to do anything with it. I draped it over the sofa anyway.

This year I decided to dig it out and, get stuck in, and hopefully get it done for this Christmas instead.

I love it, and the snowmen are just so cute! I am using a variety of coloured threads for the outlining and then sequins, buttons and beads for embellishing certain elements like their hats, scarves, shoes etc. A really "jolly" project.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without angels and so I have begun making my pretties out of old linens and lace. I have made so many of these as presents over the years, all hand sewn too, no machines here. Each one is totally unique.

And finally, I couldn't possibly leave this post without a picture of gorgeous, rippley, woolly mystery project, which I am guessing, that you are guessing, what it is going to be when it is finished.

There are no words to describe how much I am loving this piece, the look, the feel, the warmth. I just can't stop looking at it. The design is just so addictive and lends itself so well to whatever colour scheme you choose.

On that note, I will away and maybe do a couple of rows before bedtime. Hope this post hasn't bored you all to sleep!
Dev x


marigold jam said...

I suffer from the opposite of writer's block and have verbal whatsit I am afraid. I need to say less of more value rather than wittering on as I do I think. I love your cute snowmen quilt and those little angels are lovely too - I have some scraps of lacy fabrics so must have a go at something similar myself. The ideas one picks up from blogging are enough to keep one busy forever aren't they?

Your ripply ? looks so inviting - perhaps I will start one of those too whatever it is!


pinkfairygran said...

I agree about ripple crochet being somewhat addictive... I just made what I called an opal fruits ripple cushion, with plain back for those who don't like zinginess, put it on my blog and most people seemed to like it.
Writers block? Tell me about it, as they say, often whilst not wanting you to do so! I have lost all interest in my other Norfolk village blog, can't find anything to say there, and have no inspiration for short stories either. Just happy to crochet, knit, plan a patchwork cover, read.... and maybe that's enough.

Tabiboo said...

Hi Dev,

the ripple is gorgeous - I still can't get the hang of it though, but I will 'NOT' give up!!

And the snowmen are truly adorable zipping along on their ski's.

Have a super weekend,

Nina x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hi Dev,
I love your ripply wooly secret project too! snowmen make me smile, I just lovr Raymond Briggs THE SNOWMAN, I always watch it around this time of year, thanks for reminding me!

Sarah x said...

What lovely creations! Those snowmen are so cute! Thank you fo visiting me and leaving such a kind comment! Love your blog, and I am now following you! Suzie. xx

Toria said...

I love the Christmas panel. I generally don't go much for snowmen, because of our snow-free climate, but those ones are so bright & cheerful looking.

Libby said...

Writer's Block? Maybe it was just needed time to give you more crafting time so that you can post such lovely pictures of your work as the ones you've shown us in this post. :-) I love it all, and the ripple is really gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Dev, I got my new Miss Read today, it looks wonderful, I'm happy you have ordered a copy, it should be with you soon, and I'm sure you will love it. I love your ripple crochet blanket, very pretty indeed, just what you need as the nights are drawing in and getting cooler. xxx

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

We all go through that sometimes, I did in June.
I love the ripple blanket such pretty colours.
Isabelle x

Herzblatt said...

Hi Dev,
please send me again your email address and the pages, you want to have copied!! Your email has disappeared on my googlemailbox.....don`t know, why.

Bobo Bun said...

I loved the granny squares cushions on your header. Writer's block - reads great to me.

Lisa x

pinkfairygran said...

Just a quickie to thank you for the nice comments about the scarf x