Sunday, 10 April 2011


It has been one of those wonderful weekends with glorious weather and the bluest of blue skies. A weekend of pottering about doing a bit of this and a bit of that. No pressure, no urgent business, no real housework, just lazing around in the sunshine.

There was a nice parcel in the post on Saturday morning which set me up nicely for my one of my new projects. I am not really into acrylic wool, but this has been recommended by several bloggers and a fellow member of the craft club that I belong to. The colours are scrumptious and it is really, really soft and most importantly, it doesn't make that sqeaky sound on the crochet hook. You know the one I mean don't you......It is also a bargain at £1.50 for 100 grams!

I have loved this design for ages, it's called African Flowers in case you haven't seen it. There is an amazing flickr site with hundreds of projects using this design. Just google and have a look see. I wanted something summery in pastel shades and after a bit of playing, I came up with the above. I am going to call it my Isabel blanket. I am trying to "join as I go" as well as crocheting in all my ends. It is a bit new for me and I am a bit slow, but I think that once I get the hang of it proper it will save loads of time. I hate sewing in all the ends don't you?

Originally, I was going to use all the colours that arrived in the post, but to be honest it all looked a bit too busy. This was my third combination of colours and it sort of clicked. It won't be a huge blanket, just a lap quilt for those chilly evenings when it isn't quite cold enough to light the fire.

So now, I suppose I should give you the results of the giveaway. No magic hand this evening it was her night off, (the camera was being naughty). I decided that I would give both brooches away in the end. So without further ado........Congratulations to.....................

If you can let me know your addresses, I will endevour to get them in the post as soon as I can. Neither of you expressed a preference for the colour so in the order that they appeared in the photo on my last post, and the order I drew the names from the bowl, the lilac/pink one will go to Marqueta and the rust one to Kazzy. I can't say fairer than that. I do hope that you like them.

Dev x


Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Dev,

I am so excited that I won! And congratulations to Kazzy, too; we'll be "twinners" with Dev. :)

The new yarns are very pretty; I know what you mean about the squeak of acrylic yarn!



a mermaids purse said...

oh wow lucky meeee yippeeeee x
Thank you x

love the beautiful pattern on the crochet- love the colours ;0)x

my email addressy is

thriftymissus said...

Dev, I have to ask how do you make those cute little crochet bunnies that you gave to sweetpea,kazzy s daughter? I d love to make some for easter.xxxxxxxxxxxjuliexx