Sunday, 11 July 2010

What a Scorcher!

Well, what a scorcher of a weekend it has been, and if I am honest I have found it almost unbearable. The apple tree has been a god send and has enabled me to spend most of the time outside without overheating. I cannot remember the last time it rained. Watering the garden is taking hours and we are just managing to keep it all from dying in the baking heat.

The geraniums don't seem to mind the heat.

The figs don't either and are starting to swell and ripen..yum..yum!

The grapes too are thriving and producing tiny clusters of fruit which will hopefully be delicious when they ripen.

Oh, what have we here, can you see it snuggled there under the vines in the early morning sunshine? Oh my, it makes me go a bit giddy looking at it, and no it isn't too much sun! Just lots of gorgeous hexagons slowly coming together into a quilt top.

Would you like a closer look perhaps? Oh, go on then, as you are asking so nicely.....
I just never seem to tire of sewing these together, so much so, that I am also working on the second one for the Littlest Fairy.

This is just to give you a flavour of what it will look like when it is done. I have also sourced some new fabrics from Moda. I so love this material, everything they do is gorgeous in fact.

This is the Santorini range and is available from here. I discovered this site on ebay and have to say that her service is second to none. I ordered on impulse Thursday night around 9.30 pm, [having spent several days drooling] and it was in my letterbox on Saturday morning. She also has a Moda sale on right now, so all in all, fan dabby dozey!!

This will be for my third quilt. I love this design, it is called the Tumbler quilt and have seen several versions now. I also think it would look lovely in christmas fabrics too.

It was our village fete on Saturday, and despite the soaring temperatures, Littlest Fairy and I donned the sun lotion, hats and sunglasses and ventured down to the village green to see what goodies we could find. What do you think about this beautiful vintage apron?

I say vintage, it might not be, but it just looks the part I think. The fabric and the colours just scream vintage to me. It is handmade, 100% cotton and cost me £1. I would love to know what the material is if anyone has any ideas?

Then I spotted this lovely shoulder bag, such a beautiful shade of green suede, sort of applely. It doesn't look to me like it has ever been used and a bargain at £4. I have a friend who is going to be "green" with envy when she spots this one! Ha ha, too late, it is all mine!!

I spotted this pretty on the jewellery stall. It was a trimming removed from a dress so I was told. I thought it might come in useful for something and most of the stones are intact. [Note another piece of Moda fabric underneath].

Anyway, I am away now, the garden desperately needs another watering and I have a basket full of gorgeous hexagons with my name on them.

Dev X

p.s. Has anyone else been getting these japanese/chinese comments? I seem to have a couple each time I post. I don't seem to be able to block them except by moderating my comments before they appear on my blog. Still doesn't stop them coming through though. Such a nuisance and was wondering if there is something more sinister in them? Any advice??


VintageVicki said...

I really like your hexy quilts and the tumbler one too. A hexy one is on my long term to-do list.

I get the chinese comments too - no idea what they say or who they are from - just tend to ignore them now - sometimes I delete them.

michelle said...

I love all the colours you use in your quilts, so fresh and vibrant. You must have soooo much patience!

I am not a sewer, I am a papercrafter, but its surprising how the colours and fashions run through.

I don get any Chinese comments (YET).

Am having a Give Away on my Blog if you fancy coming over and having a look. I think my address comes through with a comment doesnt it?
Michelle x

melanie said...

fab quilt, love it :) xx

Libby said...

Despite the heat, you're still making progress! Love your garden and your quilt, the gorgeous new fabric, and the yummy items you found while shopping!

*It's terribly hot here too.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

yep i get the asian porn comments!
i just delete them i get several per post no idea why.

wish we had sun here it's rained for three days!

Piecefulafternoon said...

I get those comments every time I do a post. I was moderating for a while - but that got tiresome. So I tried an online translator and the one I did the translation on only said "good wishes to you" - I'm not sure how close that was - but at least it didn't translate into anything bad. I just delete them once I'm notified that the comment is on my blog.

Love your blog - I've been cruising around having a great time reading.