Sunday, 1 August 2010


Where is the year going, I cannot believe that it is August already? Seriously, I find it staggering that it will be Christmas before we know it. On that subject, the first week back at school last year saw Tesco shelves stocked with advent calendars and such. So in approximately 5 weeks the countdown will begin all over again. I can hear you all gasping in horror at the "C" word...sorry ladies!!

Littlest Fairy has finally said goodbye to primary school and big school beckons. This week saw me buying uniform and new shoes. I am stunned at how expensive the uniform is and the things that she is going to need. Football boots...I ask you..what is that all about? I have no objection to physical exercise, but that is ridiculous. It is really worrying her.

As is the norm nowadays, she had a leaving school Prom and a ride in a limo. Not sure how we got sucked in but she enjoyed it, as did her classmates.

It has been a busy week craftwise too. I have had to put the hexagons aside temporarily as there are a couple of birthdays looming and I had the urge to make two of my friends some bunting.
I downloaded a template last year with every intention of making yards and yards of pretty, fluttery bunting and predictably never got round to it! Go on, admit it, I'm not the only one with a folder full of "things to do" that gets longer and longer whilst I get older and older and my eyesight gets dimmer and dimmer!

So, first thing this morning I leapt into action (whilst I can still leap).

As you can see the triangle is 7 inches across and 10 inches long. Any size will do, but this seems about right and doesn't use huge amounts of material in the process.

I decided to make 12 triangle for each garland and spaced them 2 inches apart. I just made it up, but I like them close together. I used some bias binding and, after cutting out the shapes, slotted them inside the binding, pinned and then sewed them on the machine.

Et Voila, very simple and very pretty, I hope the recipients will like it. Almost too good to give away so I made three sets altogether so that littlest fairy could hang some on her playhouse.

Now then, who spotted the black beastie lurking around. Oh, how he has grown and how naughty he has become. 2 pairs of school shoes..yes 2 pairs. A Ted Baker belt, a hairbrush and about 70 trillion toilet rolls. That's his favourite at the moment and I swear he can shred an Andrex roll in under 10 seconds. The mess you would not believe!

This is another of his recent party tricks. No chair involved, just straight from floor to table in one easy movement!

The trouble is that it is so hard to be cross with something as cute as this. Just look at that face...butter wouldn't melt! Oh, and that's another thing...where is the butter..............HECTOR!!

Bye for now. Dev x


Libby said...

I have to agree with you Dev that the year is just flying past. I will return to work this month as the students return in August. Love your fabric bunting!

Pearly Queen said...

I love your blog, but find the pale turquoise writing very hard to read...

Annemarie's Breiblog said...

Love the bunting!! Really nice!

melanie said...

love your fabric bunting, and your doggy lieing on your table, lol, our Scrappy used to do that, but since we have got rid of our table, he has to be content with the chairs :) xxx

melanie said...

Hiya Dev, theres ana ward for you to collect over at my blog :) xxxx