Sunday, 30 January 2011

Make a Month

I mentioned in my last post about taking part in Annie's Make a Month and decided that I would try and make a small doll. I have so many bits and pieces of old lace and linen and here is what I came up with.

In all honesty, she needs some work (well a lot of work actually) and there needs to a be a fair bit of tweeking here and there, mainly in relation to the head and face. It took me a while to work out what I didn't like about her and realised that she needs to have a neck to make her face look less round and I must also position her eyes and mouth a little lower. Does she need a nose, for instance? I must also look into different mediums for her face too.

I made her skirt from a rather stained tea tray cloth and edged it in some old lace and then I made an overskirt from the corner of a damaged tablecloth. Her hair is just a length of wool that I finger knitted into a long plait that I sewed onto her head with invisible cotton. ( I am rather pleased with her hair). I used a piece of ribbon for her waistband and arms and embellished with a pretty button and an old earring in her hair found in my Mother's bits and bobs box. She is completely hand sewn as well.

Despite the mistakes, I had a lot of fun making her and have been through my stash and found oodles of pretty bits. My head is full of ideas, so I will have another go and keep on until I find a design that I am happy with.
Dev x


home made gorgeous said...

Such a lovely doll you must be very pleased, I love all the details you have added! Sarah x

Tabiboo said...

She looks so pretty - reminds me of a certain Christmas angel.

Sorry to hear it's been grey with you today - it's been the perfect end to January here - sun and all.

Nina xxx

Bumpkin Bears said...

I think she is really cute, love her outfit too. So glad to have come across your blog, Catherine x

melanie said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love her :) xxx