Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Winter Blues

Hello Ladies, sorry for the lack of posts recently but I seem to be stuck with the winter blues at the moment. The lack of daylight and endless rain have taken their toll and I am feeling a little jaded. Where have the blue skies gone and the crisp, bitey wind that makes your nose tingle when you step outside? In my little corner of the world it is damp and grey and wet.

Today, I gave myself a bit of a talking too and decided that I have got to pull myself together and get on with it..whatever IT is? At the weekend I went through my craft boxes and bags and picked out pretty old scraps of linen and lace and sparklies and a few ideas started to form. Today, I started to sew and it felt good to jump back on the wagon so to speak.

I also recently read Annie's blog and decided to join her One a Month Make in an effort to keep me on track. Maybe you would like to have a go as well? Pop over to her blog then, she is offering a Stanley chart when you sign up. Super cute, I already have a few ideas for this little project.

So, I have got a couple of things in the pipeline and am working towards the January deadline. No pictures of my first project yet, but there will be soon. In the meantime, I am a birthday girl tomorrow, I have already had a couple of lovely gifts, and I just need some of the blue skies above and maybe a bunch or two of those below and it will be perfect.



marigold jam said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow! Hopefully you will get a little sunshine and maybe blue skies and even if the daffodils are not in bloom near you maybe you can find some on sale somewhere. Hope that your blues will be a thing of the past by this time tomorrow.


~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

I so understand those winter blues! They seem to lift for me as quickly as they come on. Maybe some creativity is just what you need! Happy Birthday!

Alexandra Mason said...

Hope you have had a lovely day!

melanie said...

Happy belated birthday :) I hope you had a wonderful day :) xxx

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...