Friday, 8 June 2012

Patchwork Progress

I began this quilt way back in the summer last year.  It has been a slow process but a pleasurable one.  

I love sorting through my fabric stash and selecting the prettiest colours.  I love cutting out the paper templates and then the fabric itself.  I love putting two designs together for each block, even though it can take a while to decide what looks right.

And then there is the stitching which I love the best, sitting somewhere quiet maybe under the apple tree when it is warm and listening to the birds or in the playhouse when it is raining listening to the raindrops on the roof. 

I love laying out all the beautiful coloured rows and deciding on what goes where.  Getting an idea of how it will look when it is finished. Sometimes it's tricky when similar designs are closer together than I would like, it can take a while to sort it all out into a pleasing effect that feels just right.

Then the most exciting bit of all, sewing the strips together to create something beautiful and unique.  That is where I am right now.........

Dev x


marigold jam said...

Beautiful but what patience you must have! It will certainly be an heirloom when finished.

l.wilks11 said...

Wow!!!! What a lot of work. Love the colour combination. I would be very proud of myself if i could make a quilt like your one.......xx

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Devina,

Wow, you're almost done! What a lovely treasure it will be, for years and years. The colors are so light and pleasing to the eye; you have a talent for design!



patchworkandlace said...

Lovely patchwork ,the colours are so lovely ,patchwork is my favourite thing to do i love it xxx

Alyssa said...

Indeed the colors are pretty; they're like dancing in my eyes. Good choices. Lovely patchworks - keep sewing, you're almost done. :)

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patchworkandlace said...

It is go0rgeous and must have taken you ages xxx

Country Rabbit said...

i thought i hadnt seen a post from you for a while...ive missed your postings the moment im turning my dream into self employment but the process thru the job centre is a blooooming long-winded , paper filling out, nightmare- its not been plain sailing...but im hoping to get my shop up and running a.s.a.p!!!!!
the rabbit light is from most gifty type shops, i got mine in a place called Totnes...and they do mushrooms too ;0)x

josiecrafter said...

Hello Dev!
Thank you for your visit and your lovely comment:-)
I love the colours in this patchwork, so springlike and fresh. Unlike the snow here, which is getting tedious now ...
Hope you're well,

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The colors are so light and pleasing to the eye; you have a talent for design!
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onlinephduk said...

This must have been very hard and complicated work, at least that is how it looks, but it came out great and I suppose you are very proud of it. It is beautiful, cozy and unique, just perfect. Keep on going like this, you take it to an art level.

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