Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Mr Fox

Where has the summer gone I wonder, my thermometer is reading just 12 degrees right now and it is pouring with rain.  Mr Fairy has lit a fire these past couple of nights just to take the chill off and make it feel a bit more snuggly.

Has anyone seen this new magazine, the cover sold it to me straight away.  Isn't Mr Fox cute and I want to knit one right now.  Only problem is I don't have the wool in my stash.  I can feel a trip to the wool shop coming on, or in my case the internet shop as there isn't a decent wool shop around here for miles.  Has anyone actually started making him I wonder? 

He is rather red however, I will have to make him a brown fox I think. 
Have started some...dare I say the "C" word know the one I mean don't you.  Will show you soon.
Dev x

1 comment:

honeycat said...

I keep looking at this magazine. Mr fox is very appealing.
Am thinking about Christmas makes....... Only fifteen weeks to go you know.

Melanie x