Saturday, 26 April 2008

Bags Galore!

I have described myself as nearly being a crafter before. But it is true. A recent sort out of my bags, boxes and cupboards has revealed a wealth (and that can be taken quite literally !) of unfinished projects. These range from cross stitch, tapestry, a bit of Hardanger, beading, knitting and fairy dolls which I love with a passion.
I love the anticipation of starting a new project, the collecting together of the *ingredients* needed and then finding a nice quiet time to begin. So good. Then things begin to get in the way and before long I'm back to square one again! Things like work, shopping, motherhood etc and the other pastimes that I enjoy like reading. If I had the opportunity I could settle down with, and read a book all in one go.
Currently, I am making two seperate quilts. One is 9 inch blocks decorated with hearts, and the offcuts that this produces are going into making a crazy patchwork so nothing gets wasted. Both quilts will also coordinate well as they are made from the same fabric. So two birds with one stone. Some of you might have seen these pictures before in a previous blog so apologies for not providing new eye candy.
9 inch heart blocks for double quilt all hand sewn and appliqued.

Scraps of material carefully collected to be turned into crazy patchwork quilt.

For the photo I have placed the blocks side by side, but when I finally get round to making it up I will have a contrast sashing between the blocks to break it all up a little.

So for now, whatever crafts you are doing...or not, this weekend, enjoy.

Dev X


Marja Kristiina said...

Hi there! I know, the weather has been great and I've been sitting out in the sun all day too. I've even got tan lines!!!

Your counter is not showing.. YET! The way mine works is that you actually have to add two page elements, both HTML (if I remember correctly). The other HTML code is just that, a code, and shows nothing on your page, but the other one does show the actual counter. Both HTML bits can be copy-pasted from the web page where you created your own counter. Hope this helps!

Marja Kristiina said...

Hi again! Luck was a lady today - please email me and there will be a package on its way to you asap!

Miss sew n sew said...

Hi there
Just found your blog through Curlew Country and thought I'd say hello welcome to blogland! Your fabrics in your quilts are lovely I love pink I really like the look of your fairy dolls are you going to put some more pics on? Like you I find it hard to finish projects but I think this blogging helps projects come to an end as you get the sence that people are waiting to see your photo's!

Marja Kristiina said...

Yes, it's me again :-)

I suppose I am slightly mad... with all that running! But I have Sea Angels Lynn to thank (or blame?) for that as she got me interested, and acted as a bit of a personal trainer when I started out in January!. I run approximately four miles every other day, rain or shine.

Furthermore, thanks so much for your comment regarding my morning coffee! It's kind of sad, really, that although one has such amazing blog friends, chances are that we'll never sit down over a cup of coffee together. But then again, you never do know!

May First is a bank holiday here so I'll be incommunicado for a few days.

Take care!

PS. Mailed your package today!