Monday, 21 April 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We had another cold and rainy day today and I despair of ever seeing the sun again. To cheer myself up and to hopefully interest others I thought you might like to see some shots of my garden taken last summer, when the sun shone and we all moaned about how hot it was, and were there any ice lollies left in the freezer.... etc etc.

My family and I live in a valley and we are south facing so we pretty much get the sun from dawn till dusk. We have approx 4 acres about two thirds of which is woodland, some is fenced of for my beloved chickens and the rest we use to sit out in and for growing flowers and vegetables.

This is the view as you come in through the garden gate. It was newly planted last spring so is maybe a bit sparse.

Moving up the steps and around the corner, you may be wondering about the green rails, we need these as we live on a hillside which is very steep.

For me the best part of gardening are the tubs and pots, I leave most of the heavy work to my man person, J. He grows the veg and is handy with a spade!

I love my little bit of woodland but it is very steep so you need to be sure-footed. The anemones and blubells are coming into bloom just now and carpet the ground. There are hidden nooks and dells, and it is easy to imagine little people flitting around from the corner of your eye...or not!


craftyjan said...

your garden is beautiful mines the size of a postage stamp and spring must be here soon cant have much more of this weather

Marja Kristiina said...

Oh my goodness, that looks AMAZING!!! Seriously, that is my dream garden come true *deep sigh*

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Thanks so much for visiting me, love it! Take care!

Curlew Country said...

What a wonderful, wonderful retreat! I'm very envious of your woodland, I've got what I dreamily call my woodland border on rather a smaller scale! And hens too, that's my dream but probably for the next house. I'm lookign forward to seeign your garden grown this summer, lovely pots!