Sunday, 20 April 2008

Chick, Chick, Chicken!!

Finally, a bit of sunshine and all is right with the world! The last few days have been so cold, grey and overcast. The birds are singing their little socks off as they rush around gathering twigs and collecting moss from our shed roof to line their nest with.
On the subject of birds, we are the proud owners of 6 hens and a very handsome cockerel named Marmaduke. We have had them a month now and they have settled in well and are laying the most gorgeous yellow yoked eggs imaginable. They were a little pasty (as the pictures show) when they arrived but they are flourishing now. We collected 6 beautiful brown and white eggs this morning alone. The girls are called Martha, Mabel, Matilda, Madeline, Mary and Meredith......soooo sweet don't you think?
Marmaduke before and after!

Gorgeous yummy golden yolked eggs for breakfast...what could be better.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend too.


Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Devina

I've just been reading the comments on Niki's latest post and saw yours, with the question how to get people to get to know you. You're doing the right thing by posting comments on others' blogs, because bloggers often pick up on a new blog name and visit, like I'm doing now. The other way is to add links and hope that people will link to yours, too. I'll add you to my list of favourite bloggers - pop over and see what you think. Sadly mine's been full of the fact that I've been poorly for a month, but generally it's quite a jolly and happy blog!!

Good luck and have fun in blogland. Marmaduke looks much improved after a month in his new home, and those eggs ... mmmmm!!!

Sue x

The Fairy Glade said...

Thank you so much for adding me to your list, I have checked out yours and see some of the blogs that I look at regularly, Curlew Country is a particular favourite. I will of course add you to mine too. Sorry you are so poorly, I have just got over shingles. Well I say got over, still bit run down and it has been 5 weeks now. Thanks again and look forward to seeing fairy glade in print!!

Marja Kristiina said...

Hi there, and thank you! I know, we've got more of a yard than a garden and it was quite easy to get everything done in a matter of six hours. But FOUR ACRES... wow. Baby steps, my friend ;-) On the other hand, although it must be hard work, I believe it's also marvelous to have such wide spaces around you, all the beauty and nature and seasonal changes. Of that I'm actually quite envious and seriously dreaming of a more rural environment. Oh well, maybe one day.

Have a good week!

PS. LoveloveLOVE your little (?!)Marmaduke!

Curlew Country said...

Hello Devina, thanks for popping by my blog to say hello. How lovely to hear you like my blog, thanks so much!
I love your hens, one day I'd love to have some too.
Yes the Susan Hill piece was in the January edition on CL. For about the same price as the back copy though you can get the whole book of The Magic Apple Tree from Amazon, if you buy a "new or used" copy, its well worth it and the whole winter piece is in there.
I shall come back soon!