Saturday, 7 June 2008

Home Again

Hi there or should I say Bon Dio? We got back from Portugal a couple of days ago and have been catching up with the washing and ironing ever since..back to earth with a bump I must say.

The villa we stayed in belongs to some friends of ours and is up for sale as it happens. There is no way on earth that we would be in a position to rent this type of property, so we are very grateful to S & B. It is absolutely fabulous and on the outskirts of a pretty seaside town called Alvor. The photos don't really do it justice, but these are some of the offical ones taken for the sale brochure. Look and be very envious...

Unfortunately, I slipped getting into the pool on day one..yep, it could only happen to me, I am the one with the invisible sign over my head saying Plonker! Not entirely convinced that I haven't broken my 4th toe, but I can move it albeit sowly, and I can limp around on it.

Took a lovely trip to a place called Lagos and in the fort on the beach found this beautiful Lady Chapel.

Another treat was a trip in a little fishing boat with the Ancient Mariner himself, he was a lovely old soul, nigh on toothless. He took us around the coastline in his tiny boat, into magical coves and past fantastic rock formations. The sea was the deepest azure blue that you can imagine, but being the Atlantic, was absolutely freezing and we didn't venture in for a swim!

All in all we had a fantastic time, the people are friendly, the scenery is beautiful and I would thoroughly recommend it as a holiday destination.

Bye for now Dev X


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Wow!! What a stunning villa! I want it! :o)

The photos of lovely - memories of last October half term. We actually stayed on a yacht in Lagos marina. Can't believe I missed the little chapel, 'though I don't think the fort was open when we passed. And we were distracted on the beach by my little one nephew having an 'accident' in the sand... Not such great memories... :o)

Curlew Country said...

What a great looking trip and the villa is outstanding. Fabulous. Hope the toe is on the mend - ouch! I can just about see an end to the washing but blow the ironing - I've been in the garden instead!
Have a great week.

Marja Kristiina said...

Dear Dev, welcome back!!! So glad to hear you had such a wonderful trip. That villa looks AMAZING! As do all the other pictures too. *sigh*

How's your toe now? That must really hurt, shouldn't you see a doctor and have it x-rayed...?

Take care and have a lovely week at home!

Marja Kristiina said...

It's now my turn to tag you, if you feel up to it! Please check out my blog and feel free to participate
--- or to skip :-)

anu said...

Wow you have so beautiful place to live!!! that road which is almoust covered by trees is so incredible beautiful,in my eyes it looks like a fairytale road!
And you must have had so nice holiday, lovely photos!
Greetings from finland

valkeataika said...

What a place for a holiday, perfect. I´m sure you enjoyed. I will come back, soon.-sanna

Herzblatt said...

Oh..., it looks great....absolutly great!! Is there a bigger town near by?
Have a great week

Marja Kristiina said...

Thank you so much, dear Dev!

Marja Kristiina said...

That's right, bought the bunting from England and I find it absolutely wonderful! Unfortunately I don't know how to sew and I wouldn't know a sewing machine from a hole in the ground :-(
Paper, glue and scissors are my thing and my sole thing. *sigh*

Thanks again for visiting and please have a lovely weekend!

Lavender hearts said...

Wow, that villa is looks like something fit for a an A-list celebrity!