Monday, 23 June 2008

Roses, Roses

Have been feeling a bit tired and jaded lately, hence the absence of blogs. Sometimes life has a way of creeping up behind me and catching me unawares. Do any of you ever look at other people and assume that they have a much better life? I know that this is a silly way of looking at things, and I don't want this to be dreary post, but it is how I am feeling at the moment. Things have been a bit tough for a while now, but you have to keep going don't you...but it is so hard sometimes.

I am finding it hard to do any crafting at the moment, but I am reading through a pile of books which have been looking at me for ages now. A bit of escapism I suppose. Then there is the garden which is looking very lush at the moment with the sweet smell of the roses wafting on the breeze in the warm sunshine..a small thing to lighten the spirit.

These beautiful yellow spears are called Eremerus.

We are taking part in the open garden scheme this weekend. For my overseas readers, this means that a group of us get together and open our gardens for the public to come and have a look a around them. It is a way of making much needed funds for the church. We are not actually opening our garden this time, as man person is doing some hard landscaping and it is not safe for us never mind hoards of strangers. I am helping my next door neighbour with the teas and coffee. I have agreed to make some scones which is no mean feat I can assure you. Nothing I make ever looks like it does in the books! I won't have much time to look at other gardens, but will post some pictures for you all.

See, I am cheering up a little as I type this out. This certainly put a smile on my face when I won it on ebay. I love it and the glass candle holder thingy just makes it a little different and reflects the light when the candle is lit. Another simple pleasure. The little crocheted mat underneath was 10p at a jumble sale.

Sorry if this post has been a bit depressing, and maybe I have jumbled things up in a way that doesn't read very well. I just felt the need to write some of it down. Thanks for listening, even though you have no idea what I am talking about. Maybe one day I will be able to share it with you all a bit more. For now it is nice to know that you are out there.

Dev XX

p.s. I was awarded this by Sian and for which I am very grateful. It is nice to know that I am not boring you all senseless, at least I hope that I'm not. I believe that I have to pass it on, but that will be for another time, I am very sleepy now. Am looking after my Mum's dog and unfortunately he is a snorer so not getting my usual 8 hours. Only another 13 days till she is back....sigh...deep sigh!


Herzblatt said...

Hi Devina
thanks so much for your nice comment in my blog. You want to become my daughter???? Okay can`t imagine but nearly 5 women wanted the same like you....I have a list for the ladies I am interested in to adopt.....but you have only a chance when you have got a very rich old old aunt in America....*lol*
I hope I could cheer you up a little bit. I know very good what you mean and I had very hard times, too. I think most people have made this experience. I know a lot of people who always seem to be happy and without any problems but the appearances are deceiving.
Sometimes I also think like you but then I think about all the terrible things that happen to people every day, sometimes I only have to read our daily newspaper and my thoughts have gone.
I hope I could help you a little bit.
Btcqest wishes

Rhondi said...

Hi Devina
I came to visit because your blog name caught my interest when you left a comment on Marja's blog. So you live in Kent! What a beautiful part of England to live in. I love it there!
I am sorry that you are "down in the dumps" as we say here. I've had the same experience where feelings of hopelessness and discouragement just come flooding over me too. Other people's lives seem trouble free and you look at your life and feel sorry for yourself. I've been there. I even went on medication for awhile which really helped.
One thing I have learned though is that no one has it easy. We have no idea what other's lives are really like. We had friends whose life I was really envious of, only to find out later the husband had been having affairs for years and the wife suffered some severe emotional problems. It loooked like they had the PERFECT life.
You would be surprised at how many of the wowmen you know have gone through the exact feelings you are having.
It wasn't a coincidnce that i visited you today. I'll be praying for you.

Vanessa said...

I know what you mean about wishing you had someone elses life! I have been catching up with blogs and everyone seems to be in the same kind of mood including myself!

I'm glad your ebay purchase cheered you up, I'm hoping to be cheered up soon by ebay too.

Vanessa x

Miss sew n sew said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear your feeling a bit low at the moment it's good to write it down sometimes hope you feel more of your usual self soon! Your garden shot's are gorgeous and I love your candle holder hope the open gardens go well.

Sian said...

I usually three years too late with these things too, but my grandmother phoned and said she had just seen it in one of the saturday magazine inserts. Try ringing them up you never know they might still have some. The next thing to look out for and grab while you can is the cath kidtson shopping bags in Tescos...they should be coming out soon! :-)

Marja Kristiina said...

Oh Dev, I know exactly what you're talking about. How are you feeling now? Please do not feel obliged to update your blog if you're not up to it; we all go through tougher times when there's pretty much zero strength and creativity about. You'll get them back eventually and that's when blogging and crafting start feeling good and fun again. We'll be here!

I also recognize those sentiments of everybody else appearing happier and more fulfilled in their lives. I always try to remind myself that many people hide a lot of problems, fear, even terror behind a smile. And I'm always a little skeptical if someone's life seems a little too good to be true.

Take care, dear Dev! I'm thinking of you fondly and sending you loads of sunshine.

Lavender hearts said...

btw, i do have a kitchen! :-) I've just posted the pics.