Friday, 13 February 2009

Granny Squares..don't you just luv em!

I couldn't believe it when I opened the curtains this morning and saw a fresh fall of the white stuff. Now don't get me wrong, I love it..I mean it, I love it, but somehow this morning it just didn't have the desired affect. The thought of scraping the windscreen yet again and the bone crunching cold on the drive to work before the heater kicks in was not a pleasant one. I have the sort of heater that warms up around the time that I pull into the car park at work, you know the sort I mean, unless of course you drive a real swanky vehicle..I wish!

I really hate being cold, the dog hates being cold and the doves hate being cold. The witch hazel hates the cold. It is in full bloom at the moment and the smell that eminates from it can only be described as divine!

Today is my half day at work which only makes it worse. I have to dress like the mitchelin man, walk down the path without breaking a leg on the ice, defrost said car, and shiver all the way to the office for 4 hours work and then do it all in reverse to come home...even deeper sigh!

However, from then on in things do get better because I am in the throes of a crochet epidemic. I cannot help myself, my fingers are so itchy to pick up that little hooky thing, to delve into my bag and pull out delicious coloured, soft balls of DK. I have made three garlands so far, each cooed about and admired a great deal by their owners.

And then there is the granny square, is there anything so perfect as a granny square.

Here at the fairyglade, as I say, the weather has been foul for eons now. The littlest fairy has to travel in previously mentioned car and she has a lot less stamina than myself. And so a granny quilt is born...well nearly. I decided that a car blanket was just the ticket for surviving the cold snap.

It goes without saying that the colour scheme would have to be of the pinky/purple variety. Littlest Fairy catergorically stated that this must be the case, which is just as well really when I plundered my wool stash, because that is mostly what I have. A snuggly piece of pale pink fleece will be used to back the finished blanket and then she will be as snug as a bug.

I had forgotten just how theraputic crochet can be and how quickly it comes together. For an impatient crafter like myself, this is a good thing because it almost guarantees completion. I would like to thank Lucy over at the Attic for inspiring me, though man person not so impressed as house getting like a tip and he can't find any clean socks!

Dev X


Toria said...

They're very pretty. Have to learn to crochet one day & try them for myself!

gingerwine said...

I love granny squares infact I love crocheting and I have only been doing it a month!

Your squares are such pretty colours!


Kitschen Pink said...

LOVE those garlands and the blanket has so many lovely pinks! YUM! t.x

Surfer Rosa said...

I just love the garlands - I'm going to have a go at one of those.
Great granny squares too.

Kim McBirnie said...

Ach! I went on a beginners crochet course this weekend, and just about managed to do a messy granny square!! I'm not sure I remember much now - I've been preacticing my doube & triple crochet, but it certainly doesn't come naturally to me! I 'll aspire to your level of skill! Any tips??
Kim xx

Curlew Country said...

I too am on the crochet learning curve but goodness it's tricky! I've been doing it all wrong and have resorted to YouTube tutorials which are really helpful.

Love the colours of your granny squares, very pretty.

And what a gorgeous witchhazel, one day I'd love one in my garden too.
Have a smashing weekend.

Attic24 said...

Looking LOVELY I have to say, gorgeous colours!
Great to find so muhc hooky action sweeping through Blogland :: Lovin it!!!!