Saturday, 28 February 2009

Friendship and dishcloths!

Isabel has her friend staying for a sleepover this weekend. I watched them play in the garden earlier. It was freezing I have to say, but they seemed oblivious to it as they ran around screaming and laughing. They asked if I could take them to the park for a while. I looked at the leaden sky, felt the temperature outside, told them NO and then felt selfish for doing so. I relented, wrapped myself up like the michelin man and grabbed a book. They joined hands and skipped along in front of me all the way down the lane to the park on the green. They were chattering away, pointing out the flowers in the hedgerow, happy and carefree as 10 year old girls should be. I'm glad that we went.

I have discovered the crochet dishcloth..yes you heard. And why not I ask? something as mundane as a dishcloth can be pretty as well as practical. I love making them. This is an easy pattern to make up and grows quickly too.

Most of my friends think that I am crazy, and I have to say that it is wearing a bit thin now. "Why would you want to waste time making a dishcloth?" I was asked. They just don't get how nice it is to be able to create things myself. They don't get the pleasure that comes with finishing the last stitch, weaving in the loose threads and snipping the ends. They don't get the satisfaction I feel when I look around me and see the things that I have made. What I don't get is why they don't give it a go themselves before they roll their eyes up at me.

So is it just me, am I going a bit barmy...what do you think?

Dev XX


Toria said...

Well, I don't think you're balmy! I completely get it. I wonder what people who don't do anything like knit, crochet or stitch do to occupy themselves on long train trips or waiting in doctor's surgeries or while watching tv. And having just learned crochet, I really love how easy it is to make pretty, useful things for my house.

The colours in your dishcloths are lovely & soft - what brand of cotton did you use?

Just be happy! said...

what an adorable picture of the girls, it put a smile on my face!

No, you are not crazy... I have been making washcloths aswell, but for the shower... so I completely understand how you feel about them, it's almost instant gratification, besides you can practice new stitches too. :o)

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi there Dev. Those dishcloths are wonderful colours, I do like them. I've got some colourful dishcloths too, and they are so jolly. Shame the pals don't 'get it' - but that's the advantage of blogland, there are plenty of us who do! And the two girls look full of childhood joys in that picture - how lovely. Happy days. Denise. x

Merruli said...

So lovely dishcloths, those make the chores in kitchen into pretty moments.

Well, you happen to have the creativity which your friends might be lacking. They might even be a bit envious of you, not knowing how to do those things you can.

the pig lady said...

Fantastic, the girls and the dish cloths look great. You inspired me to get a crochet hook after your wonderful bunting. Today I mastered the double stitch and I'm so excited, Granny Squares here I come!! Now I have to work on dishcloths - I am all for anything that makes cleaning the house more pretty and enjoyable. Thanks! Debs x p.s. what yarn did you use??

Joan said...

What a cute post! I love your dish cloths. They are beautiful!

Sarah said...

No not at all - I've knitted some dishcloths and they out last all the shop bought ones.
Bring back good old traditions!

MelMel said...

Must be such a happy time being 9....such a long time ago for me!

Lovely pretty!xxx

Hollypop's said...

Hi I've just found your blog. I don't think you're barmy at all, I think the dishcloths are great and might even have a go at making one myself. Such pretty colours. Something to cheer me up when washing up, a pretty dishcloth!!
Take care.