Sunday, 22 February 2009

Things that make me happy!

Things that make me happy include:

The warm sun on my back whilst planting the tubs and pots with some spring colour.

The beautiful primulas sat in pots in my kitchen.

This beautiful and unexpected visitor which was warming itself in the morning sun, the fact that it needed to do this probably meant that we were able to handle it so easily.

Listening to the doves cooing outside the window whilst having my breakfast.

My new granny square.

And then there is the sad things in life, like Mel, who has received an unpleasant email from someone out there who should know better. Sadly, though I don't always leave a comment, I do visit each day to see what she is up too. Her friendly disposition always put a smile on my face, that and her love of CK.

Why do people have to be so unpleasant, it is beyond me. Of course we don't all have to like and do the same things, we don't have to agree on everything, we don't all have to share the same ideals and morals. But we should live and let live. That's what makes blogland such a special place I think. We are all different with diverse lives, expectations and beliefs that we should be able to share with everyone regardless and without prejudice.

Phew, glad to get that off my chest, I may have rambled a bit for which I apologise, but really, what is the world coming to!

Dev X


Just be happy! said...

love the flowers, the granny square, the butterfly... I just can't wait for Spring to start!


funkymonkey said...

Lovely post and phos. I'm looking forward to spring now!


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Dev! Amazing shots of the butterfly, you are very priveleged. And like you, I have some new brightly coloured primulas - so cheerful. Sorry to hear about Mel's email - that is rubbish indeed. Live and let live as you say. Enjoy what we will, and let others enjoy their choices too. It's great that we all like different things, that's why blogland is 50 times better than a whole armful of magazines! Such glorious variety!

Merruli said...

You are really in Spring already, so lovely images. It will take at least two more months before we are as far with spring in here.

Pipany said...

LOvely, lovely post Dev. Great to feel and see spring arriving isn't it? Happy days ahead xx

MelMel said...

Just read this....thank you so much!
thats really supportive.....they were mean about personal do with ppl very close to me.
Anyone who missed out or i didn't have an email for is welcome to ask a fellow blogger to contact

Just be happy! said...

Well, you mentioned something about confidence... and I must admit that is something that afects me too.
I am always questioning myself and doubting if what I made is good enough.
Anyways, I would love to see the projects you have in mind come alive.

Have an awesome day!

Kitschen Pink said...

Butterflies in february! wow! beautiful post. t.x

Anonymous said...

Have just found your lovely blog. I keep doves in my dovecot in the garden, well I don't actually keep them, they just decided to stay with me. Spring must be just around the corner as the doves are thinking about the things that doves are constantly thinking about... so lots of baby doves soon I hope as they are so restful & funny to watch... who needs a TV.


Kar said...

Love your blog and all the lovely little pics you share. The granny squares are wonderful and I can't wait to see all those beautiful colored squares come together for one big wonderful blankie ( I assume). Keep sharing!

Kar said...

I got the ripple pattern from a book from Jan Eaton. The pattern in her book is called "Soft Waves". Very easy. The book is called "200 ripple stitch patterns" here in the US and the same in the UK if I am not mistaken. Can't wait for mine to be done also because I've got more ideas floating around in my head!

Have a FAB day dear! Thanks for visiting my world!