Thursday, 5 March 2009

Did the earth move for you too!!

Well it has been a strange sort of week so far. On Tuesday we were hit by our second earthquake in as many years. This one measure 2.8 on the Richter Scale. I was sat in my office minding my own business and suddenly felt and heard a deep rumble right beneath my feet..very disconcerting I have to say. When the previous one struck back in 2007, I remember grabbing the sink as the whole house shook.
Today was equally as odd. I drew back the curtains to find more of the white where on earth did that come from? It hadn't been forecast that's for sure. We had about a centimetre I suppose and it was already melting when I got up but what a beautiful morning it was. The sky the colour of cornflowers, large white puffy clouds like powder puffs. The air crisp and fresh, nose tingling in fact...making me sneeze.
The pots on the patio had their individual little white frozen blankets of snow.
Where last weekend the flowers bobbed about in the soft warm sunshine, this morning they hung their heads and shrank back against the frozen soil.

For a couple of hours though it was beautiful, the sun reflecting through the melting ice drops, casting rainbow colours everywhere, and then it was all gone again. The spring flowers lifted their heads towards the light and it was if it had never been. A fleeting moment in time...


Just be happy! said...

I'm glad to hear that you are okay though.
I have never experienced an earthquake, and I hope not to.
Take care.

Kim McBirnie said...

I love snow, but I definately think it is time for spring to arrive and some warmth - I have planting to do! Wish we'd had an earthquake, I've only ever experienced two and thought it was wonderful.
Kim xx

Curlew Country said...

Anothe rone! We felt that one last year, how bizarre.

What pretty pansies, spring's on the way, even if its still a bit nippy.

Have a lovely, stiller (!) weekend

Regina said...

Loveley flowers!!!!

Have a nice weekend.