Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Letter D

Hi there saw this on Sian's blog and thought it was a bit of fun to do whilst sipping your morning coffee.

Rules: Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. They have to be real places, names etc. Try to use different answers if you have the same initial as someone who has already done this. You cannot use you own name for the boy/girl question.

1. What is your name? Devina

2. A four letter word? Dewy

3. A boy's name? David

4. A girl's name? Dawn

5. An occupation? Dentist

6. A colour? Dusky pink

7. Something you wear? Dress

8. A beverage? Drambuie

9. A food? Doughnuts

10. Something found in the bathroom? Damp towels

11. A place? Dover

12. Something you shout? "Dinner's ready"


Easter is on it's way, twigs are being gathered, chicks are appearing, rabbits are multiplying and eggy decorations are being dusted off. But more about that another day soon.

Dev X


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

hi there just found your blog and thought i would say hello to another blogger with a love of crochet :-) im not very good having only learnt recently but i do enjoy it ! will pop back soon!

Just be happy! said...

Love it, I am going to do this on my blog too, I hope you don't mind.


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Dev! What a fun idea - I'll go ponder.... Happy Springtime to you. Denise x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I wish I could crocket!
You are so very TALENTED!
Debbie Moss

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi Debbie, I would like to say that crochet it is easy, peasy but it isn't, that is, until you learn how to do it and then you wonder what all the fuss was about. Having said that, I need someone to help me progress, hence the day course in April. Why not try a beginners day, there must be one nearby. I just did a google search to find my course. Dev X

Lavender hearts said...

You go girl! I love it when peeps have their own taste and style. I've liked flags for ages and all that 'keep calm' stuff. I feel the same about all this white painted furniture and delicate florals, not my thing at all! I like a bit of wood, and brightly coloured paint. :-)

Good fun that isn't it? :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your little crochet flower (such delightful dolly-mixture colours). The daffodil is very lovely to

the pig lady said...

Sounds like great fun, I will have a go over the weekend ready to post on Monday. I hope your weekend is full of sunshine, fun and a little crochet??!!

Dear miss A spent some time on Tuesday wandering through my cyber world and gasped in delight at your garland of crochet flowers - so I am now busy making her one of her own. I was very proud of my four flowers, but she pointed out that "there are 11 at the fairyglade!", so I will keep going........ Debs x x

Merruli said...

Hi Dev! You WON my give-away. You were the first one to be picked up, so you get to choose which one of the jewellery, you would like to have. Congratulations

Bobo Bun said...

Crochet is an addiction made for impatient people who want quick results. I love knitting, but it takes far too long. You made me laugh that your addiction is so bad you've taken leave to learn it. I completely understand you, it's the same feeling as wanting to run around the sweet shop trying them all out before you commit to just the one bag.

Good luck wih the trickier flowers.

Lisa x

Lavender hearts said...

Hi Dev,

I did a 10-week acting course and it finished on Saturday with a showcase where we all had to perform in front of friends and family. Not something I'd normally do and I won't be doing it again (not my thing) but I had lots of fun. Just glad to get my Saturdays back now!

Toria said...

Hi Dev, thanks for the cotton info. Patons is easily available here, so I'll look out for it.

Kim McBirnie said...

I really must practice my crochet more. I really want to be able to do flowers! The kids loved your joke, come leave your details when you get a minute.
Kim xx

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hey Dev! I've tagged you - take a look over at my blog to find out more - I think you'll enjoy this tag, it's lots of fun! D x

Julia said...

Thought Id pop over to your blog today after finding your lovely comment you left on mine - and Im so glad I did!
Your crochet is amazing!!! Isnt it addictive? Please, please share what wool and stitch you used for the dishcloths you made, I think they're beautiful and would love to give them a whirl myself!

Sending sunshine and love
Julia xxx

Julia said...

thanks for the links to the pattern!! hurrah, yet another project to add to the list of 'must crochet asap!!' :)

Julia xxx

the pig lady said...

Hi Dev, I forgot to come back and tell you about my yummy mugs. I have a bit of an obsession with mugs and these are from Bell Pottery. They make the most beautiful things. Another of my favourite designs is one with elephants - fantastic! They are based in Charlbury, Oxfordshire and sell direct (if you can get hold of them!) or through wichford pottery. Hope you're having a good week. Debs x

Herzblatt said...

Hi Devina,
nice to hear ...(read...:-))...from you are you??? I love your crockets you have done..
I hope my Tilda quilt will be ready soon and I am looking forward to having it lying on my knees.
Iris x

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have just discovered your blog and just love it! Like you I had the 100 flowers book drop through my letterbox last week and like you I found the patterns a bit gobbledigook!!! But I managed to make two of the lovelies so keep on going!!!