Thursday, 12 March 2009

So frustrating!

I was so excited when my parcel from Amazon arrived a couple of days ago. I have gone crochet flower mad and couldn't resist these lovely books.

So full of pretty designs that I couldn't decide which one to start first. I did the usual eeny, meeny, miney mo and came up with the gorgeous daffodil.

It must be fate I thought, what with spring supposedly round the corner...not! Freezing cold here the past few days. Undeterred, I gathered my wool, my hook and a photocopy of my chosen design, suitably enlarged cos my eyesight is not what it was. The atmosphere was calm with a little bubble of excitement as I broke the seal on my new ball of Rowan yarn and picked up my new hook. I read the instructions and then read them again. The first couple of rounds were okay, but then I came across things I didn't understand. A feeling of dejection started to creep in, I felt the silly grin slip, the sense of euphoria evaporating.

I turned a few pages, " I know", all is not lost, I will try something else. I turned the pages and found the pansy...gorgeous I thought. I read the instructions....and read them again. I turned a few more pages and....oh dear. By now I am loosing the will to live!!

Now you may remember that I am self taught, and those early heady days were long ago. The memory has faded, I seem unable to deduce from the pictures what to do. My confidence flounders and that is that. I put it all away again and sulk for the rest of the day. I look at all the woolly blogs and feel total frustration.

Today I logged on and found myself a tutor. I have booked a lesson...I am counting the days....I have had to borrow some of next years leave....I don't care....I just want to crochet flowers, I cannot help myself..My name is Devina and I am addicted to crocheted flowers..!!!!

Dev X


Surfer Rosa said...

Those flowers look so lovely but sooo complicated - I struggle with patterns at the best of times and charts ... well I just don't go there!
I hope you get it sorted. Each pattern writer seems to have their own implicit language and I always think it needs a code cracker (or tutor) to help fathom it out.

Anonymous said...

I am in the same boat as you when it comes to crochet. I am also dylexic/dyspaxic which means I have a great difficulty following a pattern. My daughter tells me there are some good (free) video tutorials on line. which I plan to investigate v. soon, will let you know if I find anything interesting.
You have a Beautiful blog here by the way. Really Love your Photographs. Paying a fleeting visit now, but will be back soon to read more.
Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

Miss sew n sew said...

Oh Dev it all sounds very complicated but with your thirst to learn I'm sure you will get there those flower's in your book do look gorgeous I love the pansy hope you enjoy your course should be fun and hope it helps!

Lavender hearts said...

I know exactly how you feel. I am going on a course in April. The trouble with being self taught (I am for knitting and crochet) I think is that basic pattern reading is really difficult (well I think so!). There is no substitute for someone showing you. :-)

Attic24 said...

Oh take heart Dev, I am IN THE SAME BOAT!!!
Funny enough i just bought that very same book, I really fancied trying a butterfly...but the patterns OH MY GOD they are so complicated!!! I got out my yarn and hook, tried to comprehend that jumble of gobbledeegook and gave up.

That book has no info on stitches does it (ie, what is a treble-treble stitch??)....when I have more head space I'm going to give it a good go (also lOved the pansy)..I might see if I can do a help-page on my blog, a kind of stitch glossary perhaps, with pics?? Do you think this would be useful?

Anyhoooo...must stop rambling, but had to tell you, you are not alone!
Love Lucexxxxxxx

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi Lucy, so surprised to see you say that you struggle with patterns, I assumed that you knew what you were doing! (Making assumptions is my one weekness!). A stitch guide with photos would be fab. Really struggling with this business of going into the front and back of is probably so easy, but I just don't get it! DEV x

The Fairy Glade said...

Oooops, that should have read Weakness!!

the pig lady said...

It's sooo frustrating isn't it??! But I am afraid it is all your fault that I have these frustrations - that flower garland and the dishcloths have got me sat every evening with the hook and yarn!

I went and bought a book, The Encyclopedia of crochet techniques, it's not bad, but popping over to visit lucy in the attic and good old youtube has been more useful. It's all those strange abbreviations that get me, so next week I am off to a local "interknit cafe" at a local wool shop where I am hoping to pick the brains of accomplished hooky people - I'll let you know what happens. Debs x

Attic24 said...

HIya Me again
Well last night I sat down with the book, hook and yarn and refused to give in to it (I can be quite stubborn on rare occasions) and after a quick refresher on what a triple-treble stitch and a double-treble stitch was, I managed to work it all out. And really, it wasn't that hard, but truthfully took a HELL of a lot of solid concentration.
Dev, the patterns do seem so complicated when you browse through and read them, but when you have hook and yarn on front of you and are actually doing it, the words do make sense, but you need to be persistant and have a clear head for it.
Going into the front and back of stitches is literally what it says...which flower are you trying?? Can I help in any way?? With pics perhaps?? Let me know!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Well, Dev, I do feel for you in your frustration. I've not done much crochet, mostly knitting, in my lifetime. Largely due to my Mum having taught me to knit easily, but as she doesn't 'do crochet patterns' herself, I've never learned to follow them either. I guess we are all only as good as our teachers! But I do have an old vintage teach yourself to crochet book from a charity shop that I intend to sit down and use one day.... I can crochet, but have never tried to follow a pattern. Good luck with the tutor, and if I was you, I'd take Lucy attic24 up on her offer of pics - she is an awesome crocheter! Happy days!

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi Lucy, you are an angel and if you can help then great. I particularly want to make the daffodil on page 94 (pattern 83), have no idea what 2-st trtr dec means, I just can't get it. Then the trumpet is totally baffling maybe as you say because it isn't in front of me. I can't picture the angles below... inserting the hook into single strands below...blah. blah. I think you are right, that I have to sit down with the chart and try actually doing it. I didn't even get started because I couldn't get past the first bit of 2-st trtr dec. The pansy that you have managed to do is also on my list next. I also want to do the rippley stitch...oh and so many things. Any help would be welcome and I have a list of things for my Tutor on 3Apr, she is going to wonder what's hit her when I get there, bless her. Am grateful for the time you have taken to get back to me, life is so busy for all of us. Many thanks Dev X

gwengoods said...

I understand your addiction, and your frustration! Sometime if you have visual symbols to follow it is easier, but these flowers can be difficult. Just be patient with yourself and keep trying!

Leon Basin said...
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Kim McBirnie said...

You know, I'm just the same, can't read patterns for toffee. However - forgive me if I've already recommended it -the Rowan crochet workshop book from Amazon is excellent, and taught a crochet idiot like me to read patterns in those scary books!
Kim xx

Merruli said...

Good to hear that you didn't let those obstacles totally stop you. I hope the course will bring you back the joy of crochet!

Bairbre Aine said...

OH I just love crocheting.
I see that Lucy's flower patterns have inspired you as well.
I adore the patterns she has shared over on her blog.
And look at those wonderful crochet books and creations you have!
Oh, lucky you.
I've been waiting patiently on my book arriving.
Only released two days ago I think.
Am in the states for now.
Was green with envy when I saw the book on a few blogs, there in UK.
Oh, the struggles of reading patterns. I am happy to see such support here. I have NO friends here (state side) who crochet, near to my home. So I am solo, sadly.
I enjoyed reading your blog very much!
Hope you have a creatively productive weekend.
Bairbre Aine