Saturday, 18 April 2009

I am cursed

What is it with me and crochet, however hard I try, I just don't get it! I was so looking forward to hooky goodness during my Easter hols... That was obviously my mistake..the more I want something, the more it evades me. The Ripple is a case in point. Hook at the ready and Lucy's chart downloaded and enlarged because of my awful eyesight, I made my foundation chain accordingly, multiples of 14 plus 3 for turning, so far so good. Valleys and mountains appearing slowly but surely, excitement rising.......... Practice piece completed....yipppeee!

I then measured my cushion pad and off I went, chain 84 plus 3 for turning. All seemed well until I changed the wool for row 3. I noticed that it looked a bit puffy and that it wasn't appearing to lie flat. Undeterred, I carried on telling myself that I was being silly and that I must have been imagining it. Row 4 completed and this is the result. It is ripply not only in design but also in appearance.

I unpicked it and re-read the instructions..then off I went again, chain of 84 and 3 for turning. Well this went on and on and on. Then I thought, I know I will email Lucy the photos and ask her what I am doing wrong, if anything. Maybe it is supposed to look like this in the beginning and then it will even out as it gets longer. Then I remembered that she is on holiday..feel my heart sink, unpick it yet again. Go to various blogs, click on ripply photos, enlarge and blow up said pictures. Scrutinise with fine tooth comb, no one elses appear to bulge like mine. Seriously depressed now.. close to loosing the will to live........aaarrrrgghhhhh!!!! What is it with me and crochet...I swear that I am cursed.

I am wondering if I am doing something fundemental wrong on the second row. Am I putting the hook where I should. By that I mean, I am inserting the hook underneath the top 2 stitches of the chain, as opposed to going between the stitches like you do when making a granny square.

Is this correct, the instructions say it is so, but am I doing what it says? So what am I doing wrong, am I doing anything wrong? Will it even out as it gets longer? Will I ever cook my husband a decent meal ever again...please come back soon Lucy or is there any one else out there who can help me.??!

In the meantime I have made some pretty flannels.

P.S.... If Mrs Thrifty is reading this post, I would love to join your members only blog. Dev X


Heart in the country said...

I know exactly what you mean! I have tried and tried to learn to crochet, but I have failed miserably, I can't even manage a dishcloth :0(

Just be happy! said...

I wish I could help you...
By the way, I'm having a giveaway, if you are interested, stop by.

Tabiboo said...

Oh dear Dev, I think you've done a grand job, but then again I can't crochet!

Hopefully Lucy will be able to help you when she is back from her holidays?

take care,

Nina x

gwengoods said...

Understanding your frustration, but your flannels are cute!

Surfer Rosa said...

Hi Dev
I've never made a ripple but looking at Lucy's pattern and your work it all seems OK. Your putting your hook in where I would (so to speak).
I wonder whether adjusting your hook size for a larger one might help (i.e. the work is bulging out because there isn't enough space between the stitches).
I crochet tightly so tend to go up at least 1/2 a size hook when following a pattern.
Good luck!!

thriftymrs said...

I know just what you mean. My ripple has been unpicked about 30 times! Eeek. I am sticking to other crochet patterns - straight flat ones.

the pig lady said...
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the pig lady said...

Oh dear you can tell I have been away from blog land for a few weeks - I can't even post a comment without a disaster!

Any hoo, I'll try again, Hi Dev!! This crochet thing is sooo frustrating. I have been trying to do the yummy bag that Lucy has pattern for, but the bottom is all wrinkly and bumpy - the bag's bottom I hasten to add, although reality is pretty similar!

I think I might quit while I'm ahead and stick to tiny flowers and granny squares. I'll get my blog up to date today and post some photos, I finally finished my garland. Did you have your personal crochet tutor yet?? Take care and keep smiling, Debs x

charlie said...

Sorry I can't help either..I've been thinking about trying the ripple stitch but it took me sooo long to figure out how to do a granny square that I'm scared! Maybe it will even out as it gets heavier..

Jude said...

I think it's fine, maybe a little tight. I think when it's blocked it will straighten out. Saying that I have problems keeping the right amout of stitches on the go.
It looks lovely. If you pop to my blog you can see my attempt at cushion, it's a couple of posts down now.

Herzblatt said...

Don`t be frustrated....I can`t count how often it happened to me, that I couldn`t go on with something because I wasn`t able to find the mistake....
Then normally I put it in my biggest cupboard and forget it for many years...;-))
And when I find it ages later, I try it again and it sometimes work. If not...away for some years again..*lol*...

Julia said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog :) - yes, ripples can be tricky little things cant they?! What size hook are you using? I used a 4 for mine and still had that happen to me at the beginning (the sort of bunched up thing). It turned out Id added in too many stitches before doing a 'mountain'. I suppose its just a case of persevere...Im sorry, I wanted to be more helpful than that - I hope you get it sorted!

Love Julia x

Anonymous said...

hello, just a thought, but I did my chain too tight which meant the trebles being looser wouldn't lie flat. Could this be you too?! Love the blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

I can't crochet, but I wa sjust wondering, could it be to do with tension. Luckily Lucy is back now
Good luck with your ripples, i'm sure it's something simple and you'll be on your way soon

het lieveheersbeestje said...

Hi! I just found out about your blog and I like it! I am a rippler too, and this is how I do it;
Make the first chain with a larger seize hook, than the next row with the 'normal' seize for the yarn. I use this pattern; six normal, than 3 in one hole, six normal, than shift the two holes (like on your picture), a.s.o. It is so simple ones you 'get' it! You can take a look on my blog, there are some pictures of a blanket I made and one I am working on and there is a linkbutton on the right for the ripple blog. Here you can find more about ripple-ing...Good Luck!

Attic24 said...

Hiya Dev
Finally found time to pop by and take a loookee at your ripple. Honestly it looks like you're doing everything right hun. Your sample ripple lies flat?
I think it's most likely due to a tension issue rather than anything you're doing wrong. I think the suggestion to use a larger hook size to make the foundation chain is a good one to try :: i know I consciously try to make my foundation chain looser than my "normal" type of crochet: it looks slightly baggy at first but kind of works out as you begin the rows.

I'm sorry I can't help more without seeing a close-up of your stitches Dev...if you're sure you're starting and ending the rows in exactly the right way (ie with an increase V stitch) and counting like crazy for the right number of sides, valleys and mountains, then it has to be the tension or the yarn to hook ratio.

Let me know if i can do anything more to help

Anonymous said...

Hope your ripples are behaving themselves now ;o)
Came by to wish you and yours a super weekend x

The Blonde Duck said...

Stumbled on your blog and had to say hi. It's so magical here!

Gi said...

Hi Dev:

Try this pattern, I think it is easiest to understand when making a ripple Afghan...your right it should be that wavey and it isn't your tension....something is wrong and I believe it is the number of stitches and you may have counted wrong.

I am constantly ripping things out for one reason or another....missed a stitch, didn't count right, misunderstood the directions, day dreaming..ADD...whatever we all do it but this is how we learn...yep even in crochet we have to learn from out mistakes.....!

Good luck and please do post when you finish.