Monday, 6 April 2009

Signs of Spring

The Signs of Spring

Daffodils dancing in the sun

Washing billowing on the line

Mist, ephemeral rising from the fields

Green blush of new crops

Dawn chorus at 5 am

Heady scent of hyacinths

Yellow buds of forsythia
Sunlight revealing cobwebs on ceilings

Easter eggs and flower posies

New life, lambs gambolling

Gnats dancing in the sunlight
Birds squabbling over the best twigs

Open windows letting in the smell of cut grass

Willow catkins


A sense of purpose


Easter is fast approaching the Fairyglade and twigs have been gathered, rabbits and chicks dusted off, delicate glass baubles unwrapped and yummy Easter eggs hidden away from view to avoid having to buy them all over again. How many eggs have you had to replace so far? Go on be honest....
I am almost as fond of my Easter decorations as I am of my Christmas ones, and slowly I have added to the collection. A chance visit to a charity shop last week resulted in these sweet.

And what is that peeping through from behind I hear you ask? Yes it is a CK mug. Now you might think that this is nothing to get excited about, but, for me, finding CK anywhere in my area is as exciting as it gets! This was purchased in Waitrose of all places, why did no one tell me!!! They have the strawberry version and the blue and the red dotty versions too.

What do you think of the above pictures, I think they are great fun. Check out this site and see what you can create. The black and white drawings are particularly good.
Dev X


gwengoods said...

Love the picture play, your bunnies are so cute!

Surfer Rosa said...

Gorgeous Easter display!!

Those pictures are fun - I've just been having a play - thanks for the link.

Kim McBirnie said...

Hi Devina, got the address this time!
Kim xx

Herzblatt said...

Great...absolutly great....and I scatterbrain wondered to see your things in the frames in the middle of an exhibition....*lol*....
I love your eggs...for me the most wonderful one is the glass looks lovely.
What is a CK mug?????? I know that a mug is a kind of cup but what is "CK"???
The bunnies are so cute!
Have a marvellous Easter with a lot of sun and warm weather!!

Sea Angels said...

What fun, you have done some smashing ones..I love all of your Easter stuff to.
Have a lovely time xxx
Lynn xxx

Pipany said...

Hello dev. Great pictures. Hope your Easter was a good one x

Anonymous said...

Your posts are always so much colourful fun :oD