Sunday, 9 August 2009


Hello everyone, phew what another scorcher of a day. I am starting to find it all a bit unbearable now...dare I say that a rainy day would be most welcome!

We have spent a lot of time at the beach over the past few days and have managed to brave the sea to cool down our scorched bodies.

It is hard to capture on a photograph, but this day the sea was a silvery undulating mass, like liquid mercury almost. Very hard to describe, but hypnotic to watch. A bit like the scene in one of the terminator films, where the blobs of mercury like liquid pool together to form the baddy. Spooky!

The whole experience is a delight to the senses. The gentle lap of the waves as the tide goes out and the crashing of the waves as it returns a few hours later.

The shriek of the seagulls on the lookout for a snack. Woe betide if you wave your ice cream in the air!

The smell of the sea, fresh and invogorating. The salty taste in the air, not to mention in your sandwiches, no matter how hard you try and keep them covered.

Deep breaths, deep breaths..much hopping about and back turning against the waves racing towards you, breath taking coldness against warm skin. Of course, there are always the brave few who can run down the hot sand and throw themselves over the oncoming waves...brrrr!!

I spy with my little eye, through the hole in a pretty stone...?

So the title of the post is confusing perhaps? Well it was a dear friends birthday over the weekend and I should have been adding the finishing touches to her present, but instead we got side tracked with the above. Therefore, Saturday afternoon saw us rushing home as the oncoming tide slowly devoured the beach. Last minute adjustments tackled and voila....

A simple plain knitted cushion cover becomes a pretty embellished cushion cover. A much admired and aahed over cushion cover and one that looked very comfortable in my garden room, and so very hard to part with cushion cover

And finally, a quick snap of a secret WIP..can you guess what it might be yet?

Dev x


Alhana said...

Maybe you changed your username in your profile from Fairy Glade to Fairy Dell? If it's not that, I'm clueless.
I love how the cushion cover turned out. Really beautiful!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Dev
Lovely to hear about your visit to the beach and those waves look amazing!
Wonderful cushion, so simple and effective. I've no idea about this second blog name thingy - I've got 2 as you know, but mine always signs me off as A Bun Can Dance. I can only guess that maybe Alhana has hit the pint with the possible profile change??
Have a great week
Denise x

Libby said...

I love the pictures of the waves and the lovely pillow cushion!

I think Alhana is right. I have two blogs as well, but I still sign my same profile name on both blogs so I don't have that problem. When I am commenting on a blog not hosted by Blogger and I type in my web address, I link back to my craft blog if I'm commenting on a crafting blog. I have not actually tried having two different profile names. I'd like to hear how your problem is fixed. Good luck. :-)

gwengoods said...

beautiful pictures, love the I spy picture!

marigold jam said...

Sorry cannot help with the blog - it's still all Chinese to me. Love the cushion cover and the pictures of the sea were fab too. I am enjoying reading your blog so much. Good luck with Fairydell.


Tabiboo said...

Love the cushion - very fresh.

Not too sure about the whole blogging thing though I know you can get 'hints and tips' books out from the library - apart from that 'sorry' I'm not much help.

Nina x

Merruli said...

Lovely cushion indeed and the ripple is turning out just beautiful.

Pomona said...

I have just discovered you via Tabiboo - and just wanted to say hello from one Kent blogger to another!

I think your problem will be because you have changed your name somewhere either in your Google account settings, or in the blog settings - but I don't quite know enough to pinpoint where!

Pomona x