Monday, 24 August 2009


There is a definite nip in the air lately, has anyone else felt it? The nights are drawing in and the early mornings are damp with dew. The birds are quieter, the corn is being cut and harvested, there are subtle changes in the garden.

A slight fading of the foliage, not necessarily noticable in the heat of the day.

Berries in the hedgerows, seed heads, fields empty of their crop. And the smell in the air, hard to define, but earthly and damp.

The days are still warm though, the weekend for us was a scorcher and so there was nothing else for it, but to head to the beach and swim, and swim and collect pretties.

We are always on the lookout for stones with holes in them, and if we are really lucky, find ones that have crystals formed inside them. Sparkly and glittery, like diamonds, but hard to photograph.

Then there is this delightful place, set high on the cliffs, one of the areas best kept secrets. So much so, that I have lived in the area for 12 years and only discovered it's whereabouts last year.

As you sit with your ice cream in the summer sun, this is the view from your seat. A small paved area and a ricketty fence is all that stops you from falling down a very long way.
Not much time for crafting this week, but lots of sun and sand and fun and swimming and walking on the beach as the sun falls towards the horizon.

Not such a little fairy after all!

As I say, not much crafting, except that I did manage to put together my swap goodies and get them in the post to my secret partner, I in turn await my parcel from an unknown destination. A great twist to the swapping game. None of us know who we are to receive our goodies from, we only know who we are making things for. Alas, I cannot show the photos, because in my haste to get them posted, I forgot!

Have a couple of WIP that I will be listing in the Fairydell shortly.

Enjoy your week everyone.

Dev x


Herzblatt said...

You show very nice pictures....I love this countryside....
I aslo feel the autumn gets dark much earlier in the evenings....and a lot of spiders are there in the garden....

Just be happy! said...

stunning pictures Dev!


Pomona said...

Yes - I have noticed that autumnal air this morning and have been taking photos, too!

I don't know if you follow Jennyflowerblue blog, but she is organizing a Kent blogger's picnic on Sunday - details on her blog - are you going along?

Pomona x

marigold jam said...

How lovely your pictures are and truly evocative of the scent of autumn on the way. I love it.

I hope I am your swap partner if your crochet creations on your blog are anything to go by! I posted my swap package yesterday too - it is fun waiting to see who is our partner isn't it?!

Tabiboo said...

Beautiful pictures and I love your shadow family though my favourite is the field of cut corn - call me weird, most people do!!

Have a lovely week,

Nina x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Kent Bloggers weekend? What the devil is going on! I am a Kent Blogger last time I checked! Lovely post Dev, love your tall shadows!
Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Yip, there is a definate nip in the air. I had the fire going last night in t he sitting room as I was so chilly! Not that Im complaining, Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons. xxxxx

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Dev
Amazing photos - the beach is beautiful. And your 'giant' portraits are great - what a lot of fun you've had.
It is becoming autumnal here too - dark by 8.30pm last evening and I had to put some socks on to keep warm!
Wishing you a happy weekend
Denise x

Alhana said...

Your parcel arrived to its destination safely. Thank you very much!! :-D

I enjoy your pictures - autumn here won't arrive until early/mid October, it's still hot and muggy.

Mia said...

Oh yes! Autumn is definitely here. The evenings are getting darker, the air is crisper and the colours in my garden are changing. Summer is really "my" time, but this year I find myself quite looking forward to these autumn days (and evenings) when there is more time for crafting. I see that your are very accomplished with the crochet needle... I too love to crochet and already look forward to a new project (having just today finished the ripple blanket I have been working on for the last months).

Merruli said...

Lovely giants!
That kind of stones I have never seen.