Friday, 22 October 2010


For me, this autumn's colour is scarlet red. Of course, golds, oranges and browns prevail, but I am struck by the beautiful and varied shades of red that abound in the garden and the hedgerows around where I live. Has anyone else noticed the huge abundance of berries this year? If the old wives tails are true regarding heavy crops of them, then we look to be in for a very harsh winter indeed.
We woke to our first heavy frost of the year yesterday, the pale watery sunlight doing little to warm us up. The garden has suffered and those annual plants that were clinging on to life have sadly taken a turn for the worst and have gone brown overnight.

The end of year clear up has begun. Beautiful, sweet apples have been harvested, ready to be made into pies and crumbles.
The crab apples have done really well this year and I may have a go at turning them into jelly for cold meats and cheese. I haven't made it before, so if anyone can recommend a good recipe I could try?

We have also had a huge crop of grapes this year. Some have been juicy and delicious and other varieties have been tart and inedible. Ideal for wine actually, but something that has gone by the board in recent years. So many other things take up man person's time. Such a rare commodity living as we do. Chickens, bee keeping, 4 acres of garden and woodland to manage, a puppy, chopping logs, general maintenance and school runs and a part time job...did I mention a puppy?

A couple of reasons not to get a puppy.......The slippers were originally a size 9, made of leather and perfect for man person to go about his daily business. Now they would fit littlest fairy who is a size 3!

This was once a snuggly, soft, warm bed for a snuggly, warm dog...not anymore. I have lost count of the number of times that I have had to sew the stuffing back inside, and every time I do...well see for yourselves!

So, back to scarlet then, beautiful, gorgeous, vibrant scarlet..

Happy, Autumn everyone!!!!

Dev x


marigold jam said...

But I am sure he's worth it? The puppy I mean!


Helga! said...

Thanks for popping by my blog!!
Love that pic of the puppy's bum!!

resewn sally said...

The joy of puppies! lol. I too love scarlet, any shade of red really, it's so vibrant, especially at this time of year.
Sal. X

Alexandra Mason said...

Gorgeous photos! glad we are not the only ones who have stuffing all over the place! We were thinking earlier...i wonder how long the Christmas tree will last this year :) xx

melanie said...

Lol, oh dear, look at the state of those slippers, puppies are little terrors arnt they, but you just cant get mad at them lol :) xxx