Friday, 15 October 2010


We walked in the woods today, it didn't feel like a happy place to be. It was cold and damp and strangely silent. No birdsong, no creatures buzzing, no squirrels. Just a sense of foreboding...

The trees were motionless, holding their breathe..watching us. The light was dull, the foliage muted despite the autumnal finery.

Dark clouds were gathering, the temperature dropping with each step we took. We found ourselves almost creeping along, treading softly, anxious not to disturb.

We didn't venture very far, it felt like we were intruding. I was glad not to be on my own....the woods have never felt like this before.

It was a relief to get back home, to see a friendly light in a neighbours window and tfeel the warmth of the fire as we opened the door and shut the darkness out. A very unsettling experience.

Tonight we are cosy under the ripply blanket, hot chocolate in hand whilst the rain beats down hard.

Much crafting has been done over the past few weeks. Christmas is just around the corner and lists have been drawn up and pretties allocated to those who will appreciate them most. Lots and lots of xmas tree garlands in soft green alpaca wool....
Lots and lots of sparkly snowflake garlands from Peter Pan DK.

And last, but by no means least, my gorgeous, heart flutteringly beautiful hexagon quilt top is almost finished. There have been one or two glitches. A whole row sewn on out of sequence and another sewn on upside down! A few choice words have been muttered under my breathe and through clenched teeth, but I am now on the last straight...want to see some?

Isn't it splendid?

Dev x


marigold jam said...

That quilt is beautiful can'twait to see the finished result. Sorry your walk in the woods wasn't so pleasant - strange how woods can be like that sometimes isn't it? You are well ahead with your Christmas crafting and I'm sure your garlands will be lovely too.


Tabiboo said...

Your hexies are coming along lovely and Christmas - eeeekkk. I'm still working on Halloween!

Have a fabulous weeekend,

Nina xxx

melanie said...

Your quilt is indeed splendid! I love all your crochet creations too. I am sorry to hear your walk in the woods was not pleasant, hopefully next time you go you will enjoy it more :) xxx

Julia said...

Hello Dev!

Hope you are well - thank you for the spooky walk through the woods, just right for this time of year, I was practically holding my breath wondering if something awful was going to leap out of the gloom and get you! Woods are funny places aren't they? Very alive with their own special magic I think!

Sending love
Julia x x x

CT said...

I love the blanket! and all the photos!

and the quilt is driving me nuts with longing! I am crocheting a hexagon blanket and I love the shape, so I might take the challenge next year to produce a quilt half as lovely as yours, at least! :D

so sad about the shoes! but you made me laugh!