Saturday, 3 April 2010


Here at the Fariyglade, Easter is underway despite the dire weather we have been having. Torrential rain and cold winds have been the norm for the past few days, but then what did we expect on a Bank Holiday weekend!

Today is still very cold and blustery, but there is blue sky and sunshine. We have a wonderful show of daffodillys swaying and bouncing about in the breeze. Last week, they sat there miserable, heads bowed, buds tightly closed. Today they are out in all their glory.

There has been some Easter craftiness spurred on by the Boos, a bag of polystyrene shapes and some pretty cotton fabric. The Littlest Fairy and I spent a pleasant couple of hours snippety snipping and glueing and generally making lots of mess. We watered down some pva glue and coated both the shape and the material. The glue dries clear a makes it hard and durable. what do you think?

Not only has there been Easter crafts, but doggy stuff too. Remember my trip to the charity shop and the newly washed, snuggly fleece, well it's time to meet Tilly...

Douglas is smitten by her and is resisting attempts to rehome him with the little boy he was made for.

There is another item in the making, but I am going to keep it under wraps for a little while yet. I have only just cast on a few stitches and knitted a couple of rows, but the Snowflake wool is gorgeous and soft.

I am hoping for better weather tomorrow, fingers crossed. As I type this now the rain is pouring down yet again. Where is it all coming from I wonder? In the meantime, I wish you all a lovely Easter day enjoy yourselves, relax and stuff yourself with as many easter eggs as you can!

Bye Dev xx


Just be happy! said...

ohhhh so cute!
love the little eggs!!!
happy Easter!

marigold jam said...

Love that little doggy - he's so cute. The eggs are very effective too and all looks very Eastery at the Fairyglad!


Alhana said...

The fairyglade is beautiful on this time of the year! I love that doggy too, so cute. :-)

Happy Easter!

melanie said...

Tilly is so cute, no wonder Douglas is smitten. :)

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday. xxx

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Tabiboo said...

I think they look perfect - it's good fun all that snippity and glue stuff isn't it?

Happy Easter to all the Fairies at the Glade,

take care,

Nina x

Anonymous said...

hello sweet fairy

i love this pretty easter post :o)

hugs xxx


Alexandra Mason said...

Hi, i love Tilly :) Have a wonderful week xx

Libby said...

Everything is so gorgeous and crafty! Love Tilly - too cute. :-)

Sea Angels said...

Hi Dev thanks for the lovely message xx
your blog looks gorgeous, full of colour just like spring it's great hope you got the book xxxx
Hugs Lynn xxxx